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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak update 4 will add two elder dragons

Two mighty Elder Dragons are coming to Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak next week with the launch of the following major update. Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Title Update 4 includes the Ice Dragon Velkhana and Valstrax, the Fire Comet Dragon first introduced in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. The update for the implausible co-op game arrives on February 7 and includes the same old set of latest cosmetics, quests and more.

Velkhana first appeared within the Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World, and like almost the whole lot on this DLC, she was a troublesome opponent. Able to immediately freeze her prey by manipulating the water molecules in the encircling air, Velkhana could also shatter the bodies of her enemies at will.

says Capcom that even if you happen to know Velkhana from Iceborne, you may still must be vigilant this time around – Velkhana apparently has some latest tricks up her ice sleeves.

Another latest addition to the Elder Dragon lineup coming in Title Update 4 is Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax, which Capcom says is “one among the hardest challenges in Subreak.”

You will have the opportunity to face Velkhana from Master Rank 10, but you will need to reach at the very least Master Rank 160 to face Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax.

Both Elder Dragons arrive with latest sets of crafting gear. The update also raises the max level of Anomaly Investigations, Sunbreak’s endgame, to 220. You’ll have the opportunity to succeed in this rank by taking up eight-star Anomaly Research missions, and Capcom says you will see resurrected elder dragons appearing in investigations (along with your personal existing missions) starting at level 111 .

The update also includes numerous latest premium cosmetics to browse, so if you happen to don’t mind throwing in an additional dose to look good, you will have some latest options to browse.

Check out our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Anomaly Investigations guide if you happen to’re just gearing up for the endgame, and take a look at our Sunbreak monster list for quick and dirty details on all the large beasts you may face within the expansion.

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