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Easy Tips about The right way to Lose Water Weight

Water weight or water retention is common and typically not a cause for concern. In this manner, the body defends itself against dehydration. However, the sensation of swelling or bloating could cause discomfort.

Depending on the situation, there are several possible ways to attenuate water weight. But the reality is that it’s inconceivable to do away with water weight completely and you must not attempt to accomplish that.

Here’s what water weighs, where it comes from, and what steps you may take to shed the additional water.

Understanding the load of water

Water weight is a term used to explain the additional fluid that builds up in your tissues, causing you to feel bloated and swollen. The most typical symptom is swelling within the fingers, wrists, ankles and stomach.

Water weight may fluctuate your total body weight by several kilos in only sooner or later. However, have in mind that water weight doesn’t mean muscle or fat gain.

Instead, water weight is generally a short lived condition resulting from hormonal imbalance, abnormal cortisol levels, pregnancy, menstruation, a salty or high carbohydrate weight loss program, or certain medications.

Tests suggests that the typical person has 2-5 kilograms of water weight. However, this number will vary depending in your age, gender, weight loss program, and body composition.

While excess water shouldn’t be a everlasting condition, it could possibly cause discomfort, especially when it results in stomach bloating. If water weight is affecting your quality of life, confer with your doctor for help.

Ways to lose water weight

Different people have different water weights, determined by aspects akin to health, body size and composition, gender and lifestyle. So one of the best strategy to do away with water weight is to seek out out what’s causing it.

Try the next strategies to attenuate excess water weight.


Moderate to vigorous exercise improves circulation and the lymphatic system. It also helps to remove excess water stored within the body.

In addition, during exercise you sweat, which causes a decrease in water weight, in addition to a rise in blood circulation. To put this into practice, attempt to go for a walk or run for at the least half-hour a day.

Reduce your carbohydrate intake

You should eat less refined and straightforward carbohydrates as they cause the body to retain more water. The body stores the surplus carbohydrates you eat as glycogen.

Glycogen draws in water, so the more glycogen you store, the more water you keep. This is the explanation why low carb diets can result in immediate water weight reduction.

Drink more water

If you are trying to cut back water weight, you must stay hydrated. Drinking less water will cause water retention and swelling. Also, staying hydrated will help your body flush out excess sodium in your urine.

Reduce stress

recent test found that stress causes the body to release the hormone cortisol, resulting in fluid retention and water weight gain. Unfortunately, this hormonal imbalance also affects your appetite, causing you to crave high-calorie comfort foods which are low in nutrition.

Natural diuretics

Urinating helps you drop extra pounds quickly from water. Diuretics are compounds that increase the production of urine. Therefore, taking natural sources of diuretics is usually a practical approach. Cranberry juice is among the finest natural sources of diuretics.

Increase your potassium intake

Electrolyte imbalance could cause hypertension. Potassium helps regulate electrolytes and fluid balance within the body.

You can increase your potassium intake by eating more vegatables and fruits, including dried fruit, dark green leafy vegetables, pumpkin, oranges, broccoli, watermelon, and coconut water.

Maintain your magnesium levels

If you need to drop extra pounds with water, it isn’t nearly potassium. Adding magnesium to your weight loss program can even help. Magnesium helps regulate fluid balance within the body.

So eat green leafy vegetables, almonds, beans and an avocado to keep up healthy magnesium levels. In addition, dandelion supplements reduce water weight by directing the kidneys to eliminate urine and excess sodium.

Lower your sodium levels

Consuming an excessive amount of sodium will cause your body to retain water and gain weight. To avoid this, limit your intake of sodium-rich foods and drinks.

Improve the standard of your sleep

Sleeping for 7 to 9 hours may help regulate sodium and water levels by relaxing the renal nerves within the kidneys, stopping excess water from accumulating within the body. So, giving your body adequate time to rest may help reduce excess water.

Note HealthifyMe

To reduce water weight, replace high-sodium foods with low-sodium foods and eat foods wealthy in electrolytes akin to potassium and magnesium. However, the speed at which you lose water weight varies depending on the cause. If you watched you’ve an underlying disease.


In conclusion, water weight is generally a short lived problem. Changing your weight loss program and lifestyle may help reduce the discomfort attributable to water weight.

While it could appear counterintuitive, you too can reduce your water weight by drinking more water. However, you’ll need medical attention in case your water weight is as a result of a chronic medical condition.

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