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Latest Witcher 3 update, patch 4.01 fixes the dodgy ray-tracing

If you’ve got been struggling to get the ray tracing effects to work without tanking the frame rate in The Witcher 3 for the reason that release of the brand new Enhanced Edition of the RPG, the most recent update has potentially excellent news. The The Witcher 3 patch 4.01 comes with some stability improvements and performance improvements, including a latest ray tracing setting that trades a little bit of precision for a greater frame rate.

The latest update for The Witcher 3 adds a latest “performance mode” for ray-traced global illumination. Developer CD Projekt Red says this setting makes the flowery lighting effect cheaper to make use of by way of system resources, “putting efficiency ahead of range and precision.”

In other words, the ray-traced lighting effects don’t extend that removed from your standpoint, and the reflections could also be a bit less pronounced, but you will get a smoother frame rate and lower input lag in return. For gamers with anything lower than the most effective graphics card available on the market, this might mean the difference between using the brand new ray-traced global lighting and turning it off.

The latest patch also fixes a problem with screen space reflections, a sort of lightweight ray tracing technique for applying reflections to a scene. This didn’t work in The Witcher 3 PC Enhanced Edition – players could enable the setting within the menu, but it surely didn’t do anything. This has already been fixed – and CD Projekt Red notes that when you’re wearing it, you could notice a performance impact after applying the patch.

Patch 4.01 also fixes some issues with several quests (comparable to an invisible obstacle stopping Geralt from moving into a fistfight with the opposite Vildkaarl within the Royal Gambit quest), fixes some localization issues in Arabic, adds latest localized Korean and simplified Chinese versions of the song Orianna “Lullaby of Woe” and more. Here is an inventory of so-called complete fix information from the official site.

PC specific

Fixed a problem where the Screen Space Reflections setting was not working on PC though it was enabled. Players who previously set their SSR setting to high may notice a drop in performance.

Added a latest performance mode for ray-traced global lighting that will be toggled by players with compatible hardware. Improves FPS by prioritizing performance over range and precision.

Console specific

Fixed a problem where consoles could create more saves than their set limit, leading to various issues with saving the sport or resetting user settings.

Improved screen space reflection quality on next-gen consoles.
Optimized ray tracing global lighting on next-gen consoles to enhance ray tracing performance.

Quests and gameplay – available on all platforms

Preparing for Battle – Fixed a problem where Avallac’h couldn’t be interacted with while completing the “Tell Avallac’h All Ready” objective.

Family Matters – Fixed a problem that might cause the sport to crash when entering Ciri’s Story: Out of the Shadows while talking to the Bloody Baron.

King’s Gambit – Fixed a problem where the second Vildkaarl’s fistfight couldn’t be engaged on account of an invisible obstacle.

Wine Wars: Belgaard – Added a fix for a problem we fixed in v4.00 where the hunt couldn’t be accomplished if the player destroyed considered one of the required monster nests while exploring.

Dangerous Game – The armor in Caesar’s room should now change its appearance when the Nilfgaardian alternate armor is enabled.

Axii Puppet – Puppet health and damage increased.
The Adrenaline Rush mutation should now work as described.
Various minor fixes to quests and cutscenes.

Localization – available on all platforms

Fixed various Arabic localization issues.
Added localized versions of Orianna’s song “Lullaby of Woe” in Korean and Simplified Chinese.

Adjusted Priscilla’s lip sync animation to match her voiceover in Simplified Chinese throughout the song “The Wolven Storm”.

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