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5 pieces of encouragement for a girl learning to say no

For a few of us, that is the toughest word to say out loud. This powerful word can bring much-needed relief—in our schedules, in our every day lives, and even in our attitudes. We know this from experience, but for some reason we’ve got difficulty using it. So we keep practicing. We proceed to learn to say no. The most significant lesson I actually have learned in my faith journey is find out how to say no. To discern what’s best for me from God amongst all of the things I would like to do. It is a nugget of wisdom more helpful than rubies, as Solomon wrote in Proverbs 8:11. (And one I secretly wish I’d found sooner.) It wasn’t easy. It still is not. I fought hard for each no and I’m dedicated to this work because learning to say no won’t only bring us closer to God. It also creates a rippling effect of excellent things that might be felt by those around us. For those of us who love to assist and serve, learning to say no means taking time to worship the Lord and following Him alone. So even when it requires deliberate effort on our part, the fruit is price it. If you might be a lady who’s learning to say no today, don’t lose courage. Rejecting a request doesn’t mean giving up a possibility or letting others down. We can reframe the way in which we view our no to get clarity about God’s assignments for us. Here are some interesting facts that may encourage you to know the worth of your number: Photo Source: ©Getty Images/Fizkes

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