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After Years of Living With Roommates, a Place to Call His Own

“The community where I lived is small and everyone knows one another and she or he really loved the apartment,” Mr Bloom said of his friend. “I desired to do the precise thing. Plus, it’s nice to have her within the constructing.”

In mid-September, he moved out of the Bushwicks’ apartment, taking only a small amount of garments, suits, shoes, coats and just a few sentimental heirlooms, as he had not gathered any furniture from previous rentals. His latest lease didn’t start for 2 weeks, so he packed his stuff into the automotive and parked it at his parents’ house in Williamsburg. Everything else he gave to friends or threw away.

“It was like starting over. I used to be shedding the old me. I desired to take as little as possible from my old life,” he said.

Having been homeless for 2 weeks, Mr Bloom decided to travel to Israel and Jordan, and upon his return moved into his latest loft in the primary week of October. He quickly settled into the neighborhood, which offered loads of parking and the Equinox Gym just five minutes away.

Mr Bloom listed additional local amenities including: Walgreens; gas station with mechanic and automotive wash; hairdresser; local bars; and maybe most prized, an array of cuisines he was unfamiliar with: Indian, Argentinian, and Mexican amongst them. “I’ve never had tacos before,” he said. “There’s even a kosher restaurant and a deli that stays open late.”

When he moved in, Mr Bloom bought just a few necessities: a bed, a mattress, a desk, lamps, two televisions, a chest of drawers, a couch, and a table and chairs that helped make the apartment a house. Still, it is a slow process. Floating shelves are next to the unfinished bar, and the second bedroom stays temporarily unfurnished.

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