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Suggestions and Tricks for Helping you to Supercharge your Productivity on Microsoft Teams

With an increasing number of people now working from home and other distant locations, the necessity for software that connects everyone has never been more in demand. Microsoft Teams is one such product that has seen an incredible increase in usage over the past few years since its launch in 2017.

To benefit from your time on the platform, listed here are some suggestions and tricks to provide help to be more productive in Microsoft Teams.

1. Operator connection

Having a unified and effective communication tool is crucial to informing all members of latest developments and keeping them informed.

Operator Selection Microsoft Teams is a tool that helps you integrate your employees into one Microsoft Teams phone system. This will help speed up productivity and save employees time.

2. Immersive Reader

If you manage multiple tasks at the identical time an immersive reader generally is a useful gizmo for you. Thanks to it, every message, post or chat shall be read to you want a narrator.

Just hover over the specified message and click on on more options, then select the immersive reader from the drop-down list.

3. Find relevant information with @mentions

Sometimes chances are you’ll be coping with a lot information that it might be difficult to sort through all of it. This is where you should utilize @mentions to separate personal text messages out of your to-do lists to work in a more structured way.


To keep something it’s worthwhile to read later, you’ll be able to bookmark it in Teams. This means you may at all times have the option to seek out vital information later so that you do not forget where it was.

This is the proper solution for all those individuals who cope with an enormous amount of knowledge without delay.

5. Using the Slash (/) command.

Slash commands are an incredible approach to shorten various Teams features. It can even provide help to find something in Teams by trying to find specific words.

For example, typing /Files within the search bar will show files recently shared with you. Also, /Saved will provide help to find saved messages.

6. Unique working environment

Everyone has their favorite apps that they wish to use. By establishing Teams Personal, you’ll be able to organize and manage your apps in a single area in order that they’re easier to seek out and access.

7. Hide and show function

If you might be a member of multiple channels, you will have a approach to organize those you would like. You can do that by hiding or showing channels so that they’re easier to seek out and others don’t get in the way in which.

Final thoughts

With Microsoft Teams, you’ll be able to have one app that does all of the hard give you the results you want and allows you to get on together with your day-to-day tasks. These are only a number of of the numerous suggestions and tricks you should utilize to make Teams work higher.

With these ideas in mind, you’ll be able to start streamlining your processes and improving your productivity for overall efficiency in your online business.

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