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Milky Quest II Free Download (v1.0.7) – World Of PC Games

Milky Quest II Direct Download:

You get up in a mysterious world with no idea where or who you’re. Why cannot you remember anything? How did you come to this world? After being attacked by a (cute!) monster within the forest, a purple-haired (also cute!) witch named Lululouch saves your life. And not only that, but she’s able to aid you survive on this world so long as you help her get things done. Explore, seek for items and materials and, after all, fight monsters! (Or run from them!) If the enemies prove too difficult, visit the special shop.

Where you may exchange items and materials for amulets that increase your stats! Experience a novel combat system where each enemy requires a method! Learn special skills with a wide selection of effects, equivalent to penetrating enemy defenses! Remember to maintain track of your opponent’s status and do your best to make use of the proper skill at the proper time. Increase your skills with EXP and increase your stats much more! But use your EXP correctly, there are lots of skills to pick from! Old school RPG style Enjoy a standard 2D RPG where you travel the world and hunt monsters to realize EXP while collecting items, complete with pixelated graphics and catchy 8-bit music.

Strategic Battles Fight monster girls in intense battles. Create specific strategies to defeat strong enemies and overthrow powerful bosses. Detailed battle animations All the monster girls you face are drawn with detailed sprite graphics and the battles are fully animated. Enjoyable turn-based RPG with an emphasis on motion initiative and cute, detailed sprite graphics and animations. In terms of gameplay, the normal inventory system is forgone in favor of skills, each with its own attack, defense, and speed that will be individually upgraded with experience.

Direct Play Milky Quest II:

It’s a pleasant twist on the genre, but it surely does get a bit repetitive, even from the beginning. The animations, as mentioned earlier, are stellar and are the most important reason to select up this game. Fortunately, you may capture Pokemon-style monsters, which unlocks the captured monster’s gallery quite early. I played the sport not knowing what I might find and was pleasantly surprised. The gameplay is exclusive as the standard leveling system has been replaced with a system where you spend exp to level up your skills.

Features and system requirements:

  • Pixel art
  • Powerful bosses
  • Fun game

1 :: Operating System :: Windows XP/7/8/8./10.
2 :: Processor: Intel Core2 Duo or higher
3 :: RAM :: 4GB RAM
4 :: DirectX: Version 9.0
5 :: Graphics:: Graphics card supporting DirectX 9/OpenGL 4.1
6 :: Space Storage:: 150 MB space

Turn off your antivirus before installing any game

1 :: Download the sport
2 :: Extract game
3 :: Start the sport
4 :: Have fun 🙂

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