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Call of Duty patch fixes some crashes and tightens up the menus

The latest Call of Duty patch is here with some welcome fixes for the military FPS game. Developer Infinity Ward says this update goals to repair bugs and crashes and improve overall stability. The update also includes fixes for navigating some troublesome menus in Modern Warfare 2, and a recent DMZ mode.

Infinity Ward doesn’t detail all of the crashes affected by this update Description of changesother than one that will have occurred when players dismissed notifications in Call of Duty’s odd menu system.

This menu system did some work by itself: the studio claims to have resolved a problem reported by players when viewing one other user’s details within the social menu after which backing out, and one which prevented players from navigating the chums/recents tab after scrolling to the highest row of that menu. The update also fixes the problem of overlapping text in post-action reports and business card previews not displaying accurately throughout the challenge completion animation.

Warzone 2 only received one mode-specific update this time: Raven Software fixed a problem with the scout drone that caused players to get stuck when “deploying the scout drone in a limited space above water.”

Particular attention has been paid to the DMZ menu: a bug with incorrect display of rewards has been fixed, the studio has tightened up the menu system for equipping and viewing insured weapons, and now you’ll be able to access the gunsmith to alter camouflages when equipping the launcher, which we’ve saved within the insured weapon slot.

But what weapons to insure? Check out our MW2 Vaznev-9K top loadout and our MW2 RAAL MG top loadout to see what it’s essential search for whenever you’re on the market knocking out missions in Al Mazrah.

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