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Wear Your Heart on Your Nails With These Valentine’s Day Manicures

Got lots of red nail polish left over from the vacations? Good news: you need to use it for Valentine’s day Art of nail art. The color is in fact a year-round classic, but with love within the air and hearts being the major symbol of the mushiest day of the yr, red is the official color of Valentine’s Day and due to this fact a solid selection to have fun with a manicure. (In fact, finding such Valentine-inspired nail art was a challenge no red or pink trait, but don’t fret; we did it – goths need to have fun love too).

When we are saying that red or pink Valentine’s nails are solid decisions, that doesn’t suggest you’ve gotten to follow a solid shade when doing all of your nails for Cupid’s birthday. Work with these colours in heart shapes or French suggestions; add kiss prints or Helga Pataki in love; use glitter or matte to symbolize your enthusiasm or muted acceptance of this holiday. These creative nail artists show their love with plain polish or nail art accessories like crystals, jellies, gold foil.

The following Valentine’s Day nail designs should not only for lovers; We’ve also found some Christmas inspiration for the heartbroken. Think melting hearts, broken hearts, and should you actually need your feelings to be clear this holiday, Ghostface from Scream.

There are so many cute and clever nail art ideas on the market – some are pretty easy to do yourself, and others you will likely wish to screenshot and take to your favorite nail specialist. We have collected a number of the cutest Valentine’s Day manicure ideas to encourage you to wear a heart in your nails. Keep scrolling to fall in love with cute valentine nail art.

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