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Inspiring simplicity. Weekend reading.

For nine years I even have been compiling and publishing curated articles that encourage with simplicity. At first, it was an exercise in giving Becoming Minimalist readers the most well-liked articles I’d posted Twitter.

But over time it has grow to be something more. It has grow to be a spot where people (every other week) come for a dose of inspiration. And it has grow to be a spot to advertise and encourage writers from all over the world who publish content about minimalism, simplicity and conscious living.

I feel you’ll enjoy this collection of articles chosen especially for you this weekend. Grab a coffee, tea or lemonade and let yourself be inspired to live a less complicated life today.

The Power of Organizing: My Personal Journey to a Minimalist Lifestyle | Mediocre by Cheree. Organizing becomes a strong tool for self-discovery. Getting rid of my possessions, I used to be forced to confront my values, priorities and desires.

5 essential things I’ve learned from an easy, minimalist lifestyle | Doable simplicity by Jessalynn Jones. Recognition doesn’t come easily to us. We are stuck within the so-called hedonic treadmill where we’re continuously on the lookout for latest things that excite us.

12 ways to be higher present in 2023 | No sidebar by Barefoot Minimalists. Whether you are looking to scale back stress, improve relationships, or simply find just a little more peace in your every day life, listed here are 12 actionable ways to be more present in 2023.

The art of creating effortless decisions | Zen habits by Leo Babauta. It’s a lot easier this manner – just select from the center. Trust. Take motion. And clean up the mess that was created if things didn’t prove the way in which you expected.

17 easy life suggestions that may change your life | Clear your mind by Amber Murphy. Comparing may cause us to continuously wish to live to the fullest for the sake of appearances, as an alternative of living a less complicated life for ourselves.

Recently released inspirational videos

Organizing is simpler when minimized | YouTube by Joshua Becker. We fall right into a trap in countless situations. The thought trap is: “If only I could organize my things higher, the issue of clutter and stress would disappear.” Here’s a helpful alternative that may make your organization easier.

12 easy ways to avoid wasting more cash | YouTube by Joshua Becker. Given the economic period we’re in, I would like to share twelve easy ways to maintain your personal expenses low.

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