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Forspoken: All Chasing the Cat detours and Poppets guide

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Chasing the Cat is a multi-part side quest in the sport Forgotten. These activities happen in the town of Cipal, which you’ll wander around for several chapters. Along the best way, you’ll get a special item that can permit you to buy some pieces of kit. Here’s our Forspoken Chasing the Cat guide to enable you with Cipal detours and Poppet items for Pelerine Cloak and Stranith Cloaks.

Attention: we may have Forgotten Guides and have center coming soon so stay tuned.

Forgotten all Chasing the Cat tours and Poppets guide

The basics of chasing cute cats

Every detour in pursuit of a cat Forgotten they grow to be available as you progress through the campaign (i.e. one side quest takes place in Chapter 3, one other in Chapter 4, etc.). Although the sport warns you that further development of the story may end optional optional activities prematurely, you needn’t worry about this chain of quests. In fact, you’ll be able to still seek for cats in Cipal after defeating the ultimate boss.

As ours Forgotten The Chasing the Cat guide assumes you only want to seek out them in your spare time, with no constraints on which chapter they seem in. For now, you’ll be able to take a have a look at the map below. We’ve tagged each cat individually, and the letters A and B correspond to the primary and second times you looked for them.

Forspoken Catch The Poppet Guide Stranith's Cloak Pelerine's Cloak Cipal Detours 1 Map

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Here are another curiosities:

  • After interacting with the cat, they are going to run away. You’ll wish to be near them as they speed around town. If you’re just a few meters behind them, you’ll lose sight of them and have to begin over.
  • When you successfully track down your first cat (i.e. Calico), you’ll receive a Poppet.
  • Poppets offer you access to the tailor NPC in Cipal’s marketplace (i.e. star icon). The NPC sells some materials in addition to two cloaks (we’ll discuss that later).
  • Don’t forget to pet the cats once you’re done. The motion doesn’t give prizes, but you realize you wish it anyway because cats are amazing.

1: Calico cat

  • Calico Cat is situated within the Cipala slum, near a pond and a few washerwomen. This might be the primary Chasing the Cat mission you’ll complete Forgotten.
Forspoken Chasing Cat Guide Poppet Stranith Cape Cape Cipal Detours 1b

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2A: Black and white cat

  • This guy is to the left of the Shady Tree Inn. Just before the passage resulting in Harkiska Grove you will notice a wall with scaffolding.
Forspoken Chasing Cat Guide Poppet Stranith Cape Cape Cipal Detours 1c

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3A: Striped cat

  • Go past the arch and check the wall next to Harkisk Grove.
Forspoken Chasing Cat Guide Poppet Stranith Cape Cape Cipal Detours 1d

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4A: Gray cat

  • Go up the steps to the High City. Then turn left into the alley. You should see this cat near some blue pillars.
Forspoken Catch The Poppet Guide Stranith Coat Pelerine Coat Cipal Detours 1e

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5A: Black Cat

  • This detour in pursuit of a cat Forgotten it only becomes available in Chapter 13, which is basically a post-campaign stage after the ultimate boss is eliminated. Go through the gate that divides the Lower Town and the Upper Town. You will see it in front of the stall.
Forspoken Chasing Cat Guide Poppet Stranith Cape Cape Cipal Detours 1f

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2B: Black and White Cat (again)

  • Assuming you’ve got already tracked the Black and White Cat (ie 2A), you’ll be able to run after him again. This time it leads all of the strategy to the meadows within the northeast. If you probably did a side quest within the early game to explore the town, you’ll remember this area as farmland with sheep. If not, the fastest strategy to get there may be to search for the lodge within the eastern part. You will see the fields right behind them. The cat is situated where the town’s inner partitions meet the aqueducts.

3B: Striped Cat (again)

  • This guy is correct next to the northeast spire.
Forspoken Catch The Poppet Guide Stranith Coat Pelerine Coat Cipal Detours 2b

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4B: Gray Cat (again)

  • Make your strategy to the town gates within the Lower Town. This furball is behind a burned house.
Forspoken Chasing Cat Guide Poppet Stranith Cape Cape Cipal Detours 2c

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5B: Black Cat (again)

  • Finally, you will notice this guy right next to where you found Calico. It’s behind the wall near the pond. This completes all Chasing the Cat Cipal tours Spoken. But you are not done yet.
Forspoken Chasing The Cat Guide Poppet Stranith Cloak Pelerine Cloak Cipal Detours 2d

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Exchange doll items for Pelerine’s cape and Stranith’s cape

Remember the tailor NPC we mentioned earlier? Time to switch Spoken Doll items for goodies like Pelegrine Cloak, Stranith Cloak, Nugget and Bumbershoot. Pelerine’s cloak provides a buff that may heal you in case you critically hit. Stranith’s Cloak, however, reduces the duration of negative status effects. After purchasing all gadgets, you’ll receive an achievement called “Busy Trade”.

Anyway, that is about all that may be done on this particular quest chain Spoken. Since we have talked so much about cats, do not forget to explore the world of Athia to find the magical meowlers often known as Tanta’s familiars.

Spoken is on the market by Steam.

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