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The real difference between a relationship that lasts and a relationship that does not

Here’s a situation I’ve definitely found myself in, and I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to it. You meet someone, something clicks and suddenly a force takes over you.

After this meeting, you’ll be able to’t – for the remainder of your life – get this guy out of your head. You try to think about other things, but nothing works. You wonder about every detail of your interaction with him – what he said, what you said, what his body language said. You think in regards to the things you must say.

You always check your phone to see if it has called or texted. If he does, your stomach drops, your heart beats faster, you must jump off your seat and scream with joy. And then after all you could have to give you exactly the correct thing to inform him, the proper joke to point out him that you simply two are perfect for one another.

The high continues as you enterprise right into a relationship and becomes much more intense. You never quite know where you stand with him and hold on think an excessive amount of about it. Uncertainty keeps you in your toes, always alert for what looks like a nasty omen or portent. This emotional roller coaster is as exhausting because it is exciting. You’re addicted. The worst that may occur is that he leaves. It’s a fear you’ll be able to’t shake off, regardless of how promising the situation looks, a fear that drives every part you say and do.

Now a special scenario.

You meet a man, you think that he’s nice and all, you could have a great conversation, he gets your number and when you’re comfortable you do not go nuts over it. You can check his Facebook profile, but just for just a few minutes. You enjoy hearing from him if he calls or texts, but you do not notice the hours that pass between your interactions. You exit just a few times not expecting much, but soon your interest and attraction begin to grow. Everything seems calm, no drama, no heart palpitations… and it’s really fun.

Which relationship do you think that has a greater probability of surviving?

Instinctively you’ll say the latter. In real life, you’ll fall in love with the primary one. That’s since the first scenario illustrates every part we have ever been told about love.

In movies and romance novels, love is that great all-encompassing force that takes control of you in probably the most dramatic way. There are huge obstacles to beat, however it’s okay because love conquers all! I mean, would any of us care about The Notebook if Ali and Noah had the identical social status, dated just a few summers, then met and developed a deepening relationship over time? Do not think like that.

Unhealthy relationships start with a pull

I hate to do that to you, but I’ll draw the romance out of those dramatic relationships where you wallow in your feelings for the opposite person. Most of the time, the attraction we feel for an additional person stems from our unconscious desire to repair some problem from our past.

For example, in case your parents all the time made you’re feeling not ok, you may search for guys who’re stuffed with themselves and treat you such as you’re unfit of their love in an try and fix those past feelings.

If your father was very critical, you could be interested in a person who may be very critical and take a look at to win his love and approval to heal from the pain of rejecting your father. These decisions should not conscious, they’re made very deep below the surface in areas that we shouldn’t have access to. When we meet someone, we immediately evaluate every part about them (again, unconsciously).

On a conscious level you’ll be able to judge the things he said, on an unconscious level you have a look at his body language, tone, the way in which he phrases things, how often he makes eye contact, his behavior. If your unconscious finds something familiar about that person, something that reminds you of unresolved pain from the past, it’ll ignite and push you to that person. (An excellent book to learn more about this idea is “Getting the love you would likeby Harville Hendrix. I might even call it required reading.)

You can also unknowingly search for partners who’ve some quality that’s underdeveloped in you. For example, if you happen to’re a Type A workaholic and you have all the time desired to loosen up, you is perhaps interested in a laid-back partner who is not detail oriented. These examples may not describe your situation, but they illustrate a deeper point.

Unhealthy relationships almost all the time start with attraction. The problem is that we do not consider them unhealthy because we’re raised to consider in things like love at first sight.

Aside from the psychological aspects at work here, infatuation basically could be a dangerous thing. It causes you to place it on a pedestal and overlook its flaws. Because it is so “perfect”, you begin to fear being yourself – I mean, how could your true self ever compete with perfection?

You don’t desire to say the improper thing and scare him, so you are not being real in your interactions. You rely so desperately on his approval that you simply turn into slightly too needy. You may not pretend to be needy, however it’s something lurking beneath the surface, and he’ll pick it up…they all the time do.

Healthy relationships construct slowly

Healthy relationships, however, start with a mutual interest and attraction that grows over time. If you’ll be able to internalize it, it’ll endlessly change the way in which you date.

The best method to have a healthy relationship is to take it slow. This will create an environment for you where your level of interest and attractiveness will increase over time, as an alternative of flooding you multi functional big emotional tsunami. It’s hard to be objective in relationships, especially for ladies, because we’re more emotional by nature.

If you spend all of your time with him, you risk missing some very essential details about who he really is and whether this relationship is supposed to last. Just because people have strong feelings for one another doesn’t all the time mean they will be together.

It is essential to have a consistent foundation, common goals and interests in addition to common values. Some things just cannot be negotiated. Before you invest emotionally, it is extremely clever to find out whether you’re fundamentally compatible. And one of the best method to try this is to go slow.

When you meet someone for the primary time, you must spend every minute of day by day with them. You talk for hours on the phone, text all day and you’ll be able to’t get enough. The obvious reason why that is problematic is that you could be relying too heavily on the connection on your happiness, but additionally unable to rest from the emotional excitement and stimulation of all of it. Then, if you happen to realize that this guy won’t be best for you, you may be in too deep a situation to get out of the situation. Instead, you may depend on cliches like “love conquers all” to justify staying with him.


I’m not saying avoid guys you’re feeling a robust easy attraction to and only date guys you are just “meh” about. I believe it is best to date each forms of guys – a crush guy can grow to be a nerd and a “meh” guy can grow to be the love of your life (I’ve seen that countless times!).

Either way, it’s good to date properly. This will come more naturally with “meh” than with the article of your crush.

If you have just met someone or simply began dating someone, I’d strongly advise you to attempt to get one or two dates per week and that is it. Also, try to maintain phone calls short, not more than an hour and a half. This provides you with a probability to get to know the opposite person and at the identical time offer you the space to determine in the event that they are the correct person for you.

So many women make the error of specializing in what a man thinks of them as an alternative of specializing in how they feel about him.

You can avoid falling into this trap by doing a reality check frequently. Make sure you’ll be able to see him and the situation clearly. The best method to do that is to be certain that you’ll be able to recognize its flaws. The way you already know you are infatuated is if you don’t see any flaws. Everyone has flaws.

When you go overboard, you may find that something like him desires to live within the country, and also you only wish to live in town, it isn’t such an enormous deal. Someone who keeps a more objective perspective will realize that it might be miserable living within the countryside, and since this guy doesn’t live anywhere else, he’ll get out of the situation.

I actually have seen (and personally experienced) many situations where a pair breaks up after an extended time due to some problem that was evident from the start – they’re of various religions, wish to live in several states, one person doesn’t want children. In each of those situations, the couple believed that every part would magically fall into place. Imagine how much time, effort, and heartbreak they’d have saved in the event that they had dated with the pinnacle as an alternative of the guts from the beginning.

Again, the one way you may give you the option to see it clearly is if you happen to give yourself space to clear your emotional clutter and maintain a firm level of objectivity to start with.

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