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Make Money from Police Auctions

There are many great deals waiting for you at police auctions.

Anyone can participate in a police or government auction where you may grab great deals on things like bicycles, laptops and sports shoes (often paying lower than half the market price).

The police auction property that has been seized or transferred. When they can not find the unique owner, you may bid on this stuff at bargain prices within the basement (it isn’t unusual for £300 bikes to cost around £20). You can then keep these goods or sell them for a profit.

This generally is a creative and fun strategy to earn extra money.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating wealth from government and police auctions.

  1. Find out what’s on offer
  2. Find an auction
  3. Be careful
  4. Sell ​​the products

Step one: discover what’s on offer

Make money on police auctions in 4 easy steps

There are several different auctioneers that take care of various kinds of goods. Before you show up at the following auction, check to see in the event that they’re selling the items you are curious about.

  • Government Surplus Auctions: For excess stationery, ex-MOD and municipal vehicles, redundant equipment and faculty equipment, service machines, etc.
  • Police Auctions: Sale of confiscated and stolen/recovered/unclaimed personal effects in the hunt for recent homes. Bicycles, home items, jewellery, business equipment – ​​and in fact an awesome many mobile phones.
  • HM customs auctions: Sale of seized and confiscated items resulting from drug traffickers and racketeering.
  • Property Auctions: Government bodies, local authorities, trustees, executors, banks and constructing societies which have made repossessions, and plenty of others can sell properties at auction. Prices can start as little as a couple of thousand kilos in some areas.

Step two: Find police auctions

Make money on police auctions in 4 easy steps

Police Auctions – Bumblebee Auctions

Police auctions are an awesome place to start out. To check Bumblebee Auctions, which is value checking repeatedly for updates. The site eliminates unclaimed stolen property; it’s kind of like a less expensive version of eBay, with buyers bidding until the deadline.

There are loads of opportunities – especially bicycles are very low cost. There are loads of electrical items that sell for much lower than they’re value, as do tools and jewellery.

You may also occasionally pick up cars at Bumblebee auctions – they’re often in pretty bad shape, but they’re often really low cost, so should you’re willing to place in a little bit work and clean the vehicle, you may make an actual profit.

There are basic descriptions of all items, including condition notes. The current highest bid will likely be displayed while you click on an item, so you may see how much it costs and judge if you wish to start bidding.

Items should normally be picked up from the police station real estate office. Smaller items may be delivered, but postage and packing costs are quite high (often around £10-15) so it’s always higher to select them up yourself from the station for free of charge.

You can seek for products by city, so you may only see the products which are available to you. To start bidding, it’s essential to arrange an e-money account Nochex, which is the one payment method Bumblebee Auctions accepts. Once you do, you may register online and start.

If your bidding is successful, you have to to notify the station while you will likely be picking up the item (often 48 hours) in order that they can prepare the item for collection.

Other police auctions

Not all police forces are registered on the Bumblebee Auctions website, but they’ll sell property through traditional auction houses. Auction-Detective.com it is usually a useful site for locating current police auctions and infrequently has a choice of goods.

Other government auctions

Field textiles sells military surpluses to the Ministry of Defense (MoD). The prices aren’t particularly low cost, however the range of things available is amazing. Items on offer can range from army towels and canteens to uniforms and camping gear.

The Ministry of Defense also uses online stores corresponding to mod sales, Original military surplus and British military surplus get rid of surplus military clothing and equipment, from combat boots and camouflage jackets to ceremonial tunics and sporrans.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) repeatedly holds auctions in various parts of the UK, selling personalized registrations.

Step three: watch out

Make money on police auctions in 4 easy steps

Government and police auctions should not secret, so don’t waste your money on sites that want you to pay for information you may get elsewhere free of charge. Police auctions are organized by each local police force, so check together with your local police station or check their website for information on where their next auction will likely be. Some cursory web searches will even reveal civilian auction houses that receive items from various government services.

Do yourself a favor: check the retail price of every item you bid on and check its condition. Most auctioneers will view all items on the market shortly before they’re sold. Defective, damaged or malfunctioning items is not going to all the time be listed as such, so please check items rigorously before bidding. You also have to understand how much the item would cost as recent to make sure that you get price. If you are selling it, you could have the ability to make a profit.

Also consider that your winning bid amount is not going to necessarily be similar to the value you pay at checkout. Most auction houses charge the client a premium – money bought by the auctioneer on top of the selling price. Contributions are subject to VAT, as are all purchases classified as trade or business sales. Make sure you already know all of the numbers before the hammer drops as they’ll add an additional 30% to the ultimate price of any item.

Step Four: Sell the products

The hottest online auction house, nevertheless, is eBay Loot is one other site value exploring. Side eBid boasts that it doesn’t charge auction fees or closing fees, so it’s an awesome site to start out bidding on goods and keep a bigger share of the ultimate profit.

If to procure yourself an affordable automotive and wish to sell it, w The best automotive buyer you may estimate the worth of your automotive free of charge by entering only the registration number and mileage.

If you have been lucky enough to search out antiques or artwork, bid in your goods at Ewbank auctions could also be start line.

For more information, see our guide to selling items on eBay.

How much are you able to earn?

It is difficult to predict and even estimate exactly how much you may earn, but police auctions offer one of the best money making opportunities, with bikes over £100 repeatedly selling for £20 to £30.

Also note that many police auctions list jewelry as “yellow” or “silver” because its substance is unknown. If you gain some metallurgical knowledge or bring a jeweler with you to pre-auction shows, you may earn a big resale margin.

Profiting from military surplus and personalized license plates is a harder challenge as the costs are higher, nevertheless with a little bit of research you will discover some specialist web sites.

Did you grab a bargain on the police auction? Tell us about it within the comments section below.

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