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Saweetie Is Unrecognizable With Long Brown Pigtails and Short Nails

We normally expect two things Saweetie: a brilliant wig that falls right down to her buttocks and polished fingernails which might be mainly longer than a CVS receipt. So once we recently spotted the Bay Area rapper without her usual wig and claws, we needed to take a double shot to ensure it was really Captain Icy Grl. To be honest, we hardly recognized her along with her long wavy brown ponytails, short fingernails, and the cutest white hat covered in stuffed animals she wore to the 49ers vs. Cowboys football game on Sunday, January 22.

The rapper from “Best Friend” made sure to indicate us her game outfit and sweetness from different sides, so she posted as many as three different posts on Instagram, including video showing off his impressive throwing hand, the day after the match. The first post featured the star’s only close-up selfie, through which she threw the peace sign with pursed lips, giving us flashbacks to the duckface era of the late 2000s. You can see the caramel brown hair in two ponytails and traces of her super short manicure.

Just a few photos within the second post provide you with a greater idea of ​​Saweetie’s outfit and the length of those warm brown braids. The wavy ends of the braid fell well below her chest. Unfortunately, none of those posts gave a transparent picture of her nails. They look cloudy in a single photo and potentially shiny in one other, but we do know of course that the nails are very short.

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