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Miley Cyrus Just Declared (via Music Video) That Strength Training Is Self-Love

Inwhether it’s Olivia Newton-John getting ‘physical’ or OK, jump between treadmills, there is no shortage exercise videos. But Miley Cyrus is strength training within the music video for her latest hit “Flowers” I just moved the subject of coaching to a far more meaningful place.

“Flowers” is a shallowness anthem wherein Cyrus declares over a cheerful disco that he may be his own fulfilling life partner. The chorus is about how “I should buy myself flowers” and “I can dance”, ultimately saying “I can love myself higher than you.” Some think that is a rebuke to ex-husband Liam Hemsworth for throwing their wedding song – “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars – within the headline, but that is one other (web conspiracy) story.

In the video, Cyrus proudly dances home wearing a gold hooded ball gown and eventually sheds her dress to swim within the pool in black lingerie. He then starts a full workout by the pool. And while the routine includes a lot of shots of Miley, yes, stuffing herself into her underwear, it’s actually a reasonably complicated workout routine that appears to be about greater than just showing off her body.

Because Cyrus doesn’t just look slim and sexy while training. She looks focused, determined and robust.

Part of what sets this segment apart is its detail. Cyrus starts by swinging a pair of battle ropes within the wave exercise, which is a full-body strength workout. He growls and at one point seems to scream while maintaining movement. When performing resistance within the bands spiderman push-ups after which bandaged knee drives he kicks deeply, clearly coordinating his respiration along with his movement. In Bird Dog, she moves with intention and control. He sings on a regular basis about writing his own name within the sand and holding hands, then ends his training and bounces off in a fun, all too identified, glad dance.

These usually are not sexy bike moves after Ariana Grande. This is easy strength training and HIIT. What the hell are they doing within the video?

Perhaps Cyrus included them to associate fitness with self-love. It shows off her body, but additionally all the hassle she puts into achieving these advantages. She becomes physically stronger while declaring her emotional strength and sufficiency. It is well-known that strength training builds brain power. But perhaps she is saying that it builds something in your soul and likewise in your heart.

It’s clear that for Miley, and maybe for you, getting stronger is self-love.

1. Mountain climbers: 3 sets of 16 repetitions.

2. Hip raises: 3 sets of 16 repetitions. (To make it harder, place dumbbells in your hips.)

3. Spiderman push-ups: 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

4. Jumping Knee Lunge: 4 sets of 10 reps total (2 sets per side).

5. Plank dog: 3 sets of 12 reps (alternating sides), holding for 3 to five seconds at a time.

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