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Make Money out of your Cat!

Throw yourself in a pile of cats

We’ve announced many dream jobs here, but we all know thousands and thousands will probably be vying for this job as an additional: sitting on cats! In fact, we all know quite a couple of individuals who do, and it suits their job.


Conversely, chances are you’ll also need someone to take care of your cat if you are at work or on vacation, and there are several good cat sitter clubs akin to handshake, rover.com and Cat In The Apartment. You can join for a job at certainly one of these firms or simply turn out to be a cat sitter. According to our recent research, you may earn as much as £2,350 a yr.

Angie Rance, who lives in London, has been taking good care of cats for several years. Angie works for catinaflat.com but has also managed to recruit a couple of people through word of mouth and says she will be able to earn around £20 a day. If she has the time or is committed to doing it five times every week, that is £100 every week, although she normally earns greater than a couple of hundred kilos a month attributable to her availability.

Angie says:Feeding the cats has provided me with an exquisite extra income (which could be very helpful after becoming self-employed), but additionally a probability to satisfy my neighbors, explore latest corners of the neighborhood… and most of all, spend time with friendly animals.

It’s also great for those who go for a walk day-after-day!”

So there are a couple of places you may start along with your plans to turn out to be a cat sitter. It can suit your job and lifestyle, and you may meet loads of great cats!


Help pet firms with market research

Just like several other industry, pet firms must know as much as possible about their goal market with a view to deliver good products.

Of course, since your cat’s ability to supply feedback is restricted, you may step in and be its voice. An easy approach to do that is to finish paid online surveys that focus specifically on cat products.

The best approach to do that is to enroll with survey sites like Struancy, Life Points and the Nielsen panel. Money just isn’t enough to continue to exist and is not going to offer you a gradual income, but paid surveys are an excellent approach to earn money with little effort. You can earn over £50 a month without doing much.

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Make your cat famous on Instagram!

earn money on your cat

If you will have a cat – or cats – you almost certainly have entire photo or video albums of them doing cute or funny things across the house or when you’re out and about.

People love cute cats, especially once they’re doing something fun or memorable. Their need for brand spanking new online photos and videos won’t ever be met, so you would possibly as well give people what they need and receives a commission for it.

While there is no easy approach to turn your cat into an online celebrity, listed below are some ideas which may help:

  • Give your cat a memorable nickname like dear deceased A grumpy cat
  • Observe their behavior and document how they do the things they love.
  • Create social media accounts dedicated to your cat. For starters, it might be good to focus only on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Use hashtags to expand your audience.
  • Take good quality photos and videos.
  • Post commonly to remain consistent.
  • Focus on something original or specific about your cat.

While you will not receive any money out of your latest enterprise initially, chances are you’ll gain followers over time. After all, your cat could be an excellent success, and advertisers will pay you to indicate their services and products to their audience.

You can pick up kilos over time. For example, Grumpy Cat earned over $100 million before his death. Not bad for a sour kitty!

Another approach to make your cat famous is to leap on trends. Lookup data could be used to find out how much interest there’s in a trend, which may affect its profitability.

Share your knowledge with others

If you’ve got had cats for a very long time and revel in reading articles and studies about their behavior, breeds, etc. why not share your knowledge with others? They may find it useful, and over time it could earn you some money.

You can achieve it by starting a blog and writing regular posts on interesting topics related to cats. As increasingly more people start reading your blog, you may approach cat products firms to partner with you. They may buy ads in your website or sponsor a few of your social media posts.

Over time, your blog may even lead you to eBook or full-fledged book deal!

Finally, for a small fee, you may offer to offer speeches at local events, schools and community organizations. Who knows, possibly someday you’ll need the chance to share your cat knowledge on world stages.

Sell ​​photos of your cat in photo galleries

You can even earn money by selling them in galleries and other online resources. Believe it or not, people really want them to drive people to their articles, products or web sites with pictures of your lovely cat. It’s a superb approach to earn money from the belongings you like.

While you almost certainly won’t be making buckets stuffed with money, it might probably offer you a welcome treat every so often. And your fluffy friends will live perpetually within the work of others.

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Involve other people’s cats within the activities you do with yours

earn money on your cat

Some pet owners love their pets but are unable to do this stuff for one reason or one other. But they’ll pay another person to do it for them.

Earn money by offering your services as:

  • Pet taxi service on days you will probably be taking your personal cat to the salon
  • AND pet sitter (especially in case your furry/feathered friend enjoys company)

Read more about earning profits off other people’s pets.

Bonus: Save money by submitting cats to shows and competitions

Finally, you may notice that many cat contests don’t actually offer money prizes. However, in lots of cases, once you volunteer your little friend, you may win pet food for a yr or something.

Many firms commonly organize such contests, during which you simply must upload a photograph and participate.

Also, you’ll want to keep an eye fixed out for cat shows in your area in case your furry is very cute!

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