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Genshin Impact custom cursor gives you an ultra cute Hu Tao

The fan-made Genshin Impact Cursor brings a pixelated version of Hu Tao to your PC so as to add a little bit more personality to your on a regular basis scrolling. The cursor pack includes 11 different custom animations that transform the mouse pointer into each Hu Tao and her spooky alter ego, Boo Tao. Pyro DPS is probably the most popular characters in an anime game, making her the most effective characters for a project like this.

Like most other cursors, this Hu Tao will change depending on what you do with the mouse. There are separate animations that appear when hovering over a link or text field, when loading a page, and in lots of other exceptional situations.

Cursor animations are true to character in several ways. Hu Tao has his elemental explosion animation, Homa Staff, and even cards that appear like Wangsheng Funeral Parlor coupons. As head Hu Tao, it doesn’t get any higher than this.

EbiEbiBeam is the artist who created the cursor pack and you possibly can download it from their website Ko Fi website for whatever sum of money you are willing to provide. If you have a look at their full store, you will see that they’ve also made custom cursor packs for Klee and Nahida.

The Klee and Nahida packs are equally vibrant and true to the characters. Klee has her bombs and even an animation where she is locked behind a door. Meanwhile, Nahida shows off a few of her normal hop attacks alongside some mushrooms.

You also can find the request option on the Ko-Fi EbiEbiBeam foremost page if there’s a cursor pack you desire to to request.

Those of you preferring to simply play as Hu Tao in-game can be pleased to know that she is on her way within the second half of Genshin Impact version 3.4. Her character banner appears alongside Yelan after Alhaitham, Yaoyao, and Xiao complete their run in the primary half of the update.

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