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Economical ways to say “I really like you” on Valentine’s Day

I don’t love Valentine’s Day – it encourages the concept romance is something for special occasions. To make matters worse, it’s one other industrial holiday full of cards, chocolates, flowers and gifts. I reject the concept romance is simply for special occasions, and I reject the concept buying things by some means shows affection.

I think it is vital for couples to search out ways to specific their love all year long. If you select to rejoice Valentine’s Day, do not feel obligated handy out a dozen roses and a card – there are many inexpensive ways to say “I really like you.” Here are only a number of:

Love letters

Instead of a card, write a love letter to your partner. A mass-produced card isn’t as romantic as a handwritten note. I do not remember any cards Kris gave me for Valentine’s Day, but I did Down I fondly remember all of the notes and letters I received. It’s a pleasure to undergo a pile of old papers and are available across a note she wrote me years ago.


Giving the one you love flowers may be fun, but think outside the box. Think of something aside from roses. If your partner likes cloves, buy her cloves. If he likes irises, give him irises. Don’t be a slave to the red rose mentality. In some cases, a live plant could also be best suited. I bet Kris can be happier with tulips in pots than with a bouquet of roses.

Love Coupons

Use a text editor and clip art to create 8-12 business card sized “coupons”. Each coupon may be exchanged for something that the recipient will appreciate. You can create love vouchers that your partner can use for an evening in town, a candlelit dinner, a movie of their selection, a weekend getaway, guilt-free time with friends, or if you happen to’re feeling particularly romantic, a fantasy come true.

The second “first date”

Knowing a long-term relationship easily is an excellent thing. But this acquaintance can easily turn out to be “one other one.” Shake it up by pretending you are occurring a primary date again. Give yourself a student budget and do things you possibly can have done whenever you were younger. Eat at an area burger joint or pizzeria. Go bowling or rollerblading. Attend a free concert. Kiss within the back row of the cinema.

Dinner for 2

Prepare a romantic dinner at home. Instead of spending $50 or $100 for an evening out in town, spend $25 preparing a special dinner with the one you love. Not only will you get monetary savings, but you will even share the enjoyment of cooking together. Here’s an easy, delicious recipe that is perfect for a special day:

  • 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 (6-8 ounces) beef tenderloin
  • freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon of unsalted butter
  • 2 tablespoons of soy sauce
  • port 1/2 cup

This recipe is not exactly frugal – beef tenderloin is dear – nevertheless it’s restaurant quality and hard to idiot. Serve with potatoes and a glass of cabernet sauvignon. Candlelight meal.

Private Rituals

Each couple has a set of personal rituals and symbols. These silly phrases and routines are like glue to a relationship. For example, when Kris and I first met in college, I picked up a chestnut from my ATV. It was smooth, strong and exquisite. I like this. On a whim, I gave it to Kris. “It’s a nugget of affection,” I told her. “It’s a reminder of how much you mean to me.” For almost twenty years, chestnuts have been a form of secret code between us. I realize it’s silly, but I’d somewhat Kris give me a “love nugget” than buy me something latest.

Saying “I really like you” doesn’t should be expensive, regardless of what marketers want you to consider. Love comes from communication, shared ideals and being together, not from buying things.

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