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Cured Meat: What You Should Know

Cold cuts are a preferred product whose advantages and properties are sometimes unknown. We will let you know more about it.

Cold cuts: what you should know

Last actualisation: January 22, 2023

When we predict of something fermented or cured, it’s possible that something nice doesn’t come to mind. The reality is that we’re surrounded by a majority of these products. For example, farmed meat, i.e. a kind of dried, prepared and dehydrated meat treated with chemical techniques.

In addition, bacteria and yeast are introduced into it, which convert some nutrients into mixtures of acid, carbon dioxide and alcohol. Several traditions on this planet include it of their gastronomic history. The most famous variety might be salami.

In this text, we’ll take a better have a look at this food, its origin, advantages and possible contraindications. To surprise you, you’ll understand it amongst its ingredients and charming taste there are live bacteria!

What is sausage?

The European Union Regulation defines farmed meat as a portion of food intended by the producer or manufacturer for direct human consumption. This is to say there is no such thing as a must cook it or undergo any transformation to eliminate or reduce dangerous microorganisms.

This kind of product is obtained as follows:

  1. By lowering the pH level because of this of microbial fermentation of carbohydrates added to the meat mixture.
  2. With water reduction as a result of added solutes and progressive dehydration within the ripening process.
  3. With the addition of nitrates and nitrites to stop the expansion of pathogenic microorganisms.
  4. By using spices to scale back microbial activity.

This signifies that these are products to which some kind of bacteria, mold or yeast has been deliberately added to vary their taste and texture properties. In fact, the flavour of cured meats is normally described as more intense. For example, there may be Serrano ham.

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What are sausages?

Cold cuts are, for instance:

  • Salami
  • Sausages
  • Pepperoni
  • Some varieties of ham

What is the curing process like?

The elaboration This kind of product is produced using two techniques: slow ripening and fast ripening.

By “maturing” we mean the method by which the meat’s own enzymes break down muscle protein after rigor mortis. Thus, slow ripening occurs when the product is stored for a certain time period under certain conditions of low temperature and relative humidity.

Therefore, acid-producing microorganisms, resembling lactobacilli, grow,which also provide nutrient-transforming enzymes. Rapid maturation occurs when cultures of lactic microorganisms are deliberately used. Ripening occurs at a temperature of 25 ° C or higher.

The kind of bacteria can also be usual lactobacilli, because with them the fermentation is less complicated to manage and the time is shorter. On the opposite hand, the chance of uncontrolled microbial contamination is reduced.

When the ripening process is carried out, sugars are added, which bacteria use as a substrate for the production of lactic acid, causing a decrease in pH. The product acquires a sour taste and a smooth texture.

The percentages of ingredients for fermenting meat are often as follows:

  • Beef meat: 80%
  • Pork fat: 20%
  • Curing salts as nitrates: 0.01%
  • erythorbate: 0.05%
  • Saccharose: 1%
  • salt: 2.5%
  • Pepper: 0.2%
  • Culture: Lactobacillus casei
The cold cuts contain the addition of specific bacteria that support the maturation process.

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Sensory appearance of cold cuts

Depending on the method, the aroma, taste and appearance of the meat change. It also varies depending on the times spent curing. For example, in a moist environment, the intensity of taste and aroma is lower.

When the environment is dry, the smell and taste are stronger. If it has a brief maturation time, the taste is mild and never too intense.

Benefits of sausages

Cured meat, like other fermented or cured products, has several benefits related to probiotic and dietary effects. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

It can act as a probiotic food

The important profit attributed to farmed meat is that it could act as a probiotic. In particular, fermented meat products constructed from Lactobacillus lactis, Lactobacillus plantarum and Staphilococcus sp.

As explained within the log Anales de Pediatriathese bacteria, together with many others, remain viable within the digestive tract after ingestion. Hence, they’ve clear health advantages.

AND test assessing the service life Lactobacillus lactis and plantarumtogether with other strains, found each are amongst one of the best probiotic options when applied to meats.

E. feces additionally it is considered a prebiotic and is found naturally in some fermented or cured meats. AND test evaluating the viability of several strains, determined that this bacterium, utilized in sausages, can act as a probiotic. Similarlydoesn’t pose a threat to human health.

Some studies analyzed the potential of probiotics mostly utilized in the production of cured meats. They found it Lactobacillus rhamnosus survives passage through the digestive tract, and its use as a starter culture provides secure and improved fermented or cured meat.

Contributes to intestinal health

Cold meats will be used as dietary supplements their probiotic properties can assist the intestinal microflora. This signifies that eating certain organisms strengthens the great bacteria present in the digestive tract.

lactobacilli promote the maturation of the intestine and its integrity. Moreover, they reduce the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria. They also produce natural high-spectrum antibiotics that may fight diarrhea.

The Revista Chilena de Nutricion explains it Lactobacillus rhamnosus, which is common in one of these meat products, it has the power to interfere with the bacteria that cause intestinal diseases resembling Salmonella and enterotoxigenic TO ME. coli. enterotoxigenic E. coli.

Strengthens the intestinal barrier effect

Cold cuts, due to helpful bacteria, it could reduce the permeability and strengthen the barrier function of the intestinecontributing to the modulation of intestinal immunity. Especially due to the talents good bacteria adhere to colon cells and influence the composition of the intestinal ecosystem.

On the opposite hand, some experts indicate that a number of the bacteria utilized in fermented or cured meats have the power to reinforce the defense mechanisms of individuals whose immune systems are weakened, especially the elderly.

It helps the body produce vitamins

Bacteria used to ferment meat, in addition to other probiotic products, are able to synthesizing vitamins on the intestinal level. In particular, this includes B vitamins and ascorbic acid.

This is since the bacteria are self-sustaining. As they grow, they produce what they should reproduce. The most typical vitamins they produce are thiamine, riboflavin, pyridoxine, and cyanocobalamin, or B12.

It improves the absorption of minerals

Cold cuts also provide help to higher absorb minerals like iron and zincbecause these trace elements are more absorbed when the pH is acidic. Meats are acid transporters. Therefore, after they reach the intestine, they promote higher absorption.

They are easier to soak up

In addition to all the advantages of eating cold cuts, it is taken into account a highly digestible food. Its proteins are converted by microorganisms into peptides and free amino acids.

By consuming cold cuts, we eat denatured protein, which facilitates the work of digestive enzymes. In this manner, it increases the absorption of amino acids, a lot of that are essential.

An example of cold cuts is serrano ham, a Spanish classic.

Possible contraindications

Caution is suggested within the consumption of fermented meat within the case of individuals with hypertension, blood lipid disorders or careful sodium intake. These people may experience noticeable adversarial reactions.

It can also be really useful for regulating the consumption of individuals with diabetes, allergic to cold cuts or affected by obesity. People who develop metabolic syndrome also needs to remove the consumption of those meat derivatives from their food plan.

It’s about secure portions of meats

Farmed meats are often expensive, but their taste and dietary value are wanted and chosen. However, they ought to be consumed in quantities which might be secure for healthsince the addition of nitrites, nitrates and saturated fats can have negative effects.

It is really useful to eat them in portions of fifty to 60 grams a day, 2 times per week. In addition, they ought to be accompanied by enough vegatables and fruits, which increases the intake of fiber and antioxidants.

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