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How you can Trust God Again After Divorce

It is really easy to say that we trust God in all things and situations.

We know that we’re to “trust within the Lord with all our heart and never depend on our own understanding,” as stated in v Proverbs 3:5. But life doesn’t at all times go in line with plan. There are many trials and dark, uncertain times ahead.

Especially when the spouse leaves and doesn’t need to return. When you might be forced to be the only real breadwinner and first caregiver in your children. And when your whole world falls apart; you do not know what is going to occur next.

That’s when doubts arise. That’s when the devil whispers did god really say he would deal with you? Can you actually entrust your future to Him?

Uncertainty in regards to the future is a really significant issue for many individuals during and after a divorce. What will life be like if you walk this road alone, without the spouse you expected to spend the remaining of your life with?

We often wonder where is God when all this is going on. And why does he let my partner go and/or sin against me?

Many times within the Bible we read in regards to the lives of others who lived in uncertainty. In my latest book, Your recovery journeyAn 8 Week Bible Study for Divorced Women, I share the stories of a lot of my favorite Bible characters who also faced mistrust about their futures but managed to push through as their rebirth story unfolded.

God wants to present you your rebirth story too!

Where is God when your marriage is falling apart?

The story of the Israelites within the wilderness was one example I shared as we wonder where God is when we’d like to go away a toxic marriage and walk the trail during and after divorce.

We want Him to return to the rescue and produce us back to our old lives (to happier times in our marriage), but that is not at all times a part of His plan.

He had something a lot better planned for the Israelites. They just needed to undergo this difficult journey to inherit God’s promise. But they desired to return to the land and to the life that they had known in Egypt.

The uncertainty and dependence on God for all the things was just an excessive amount of, so that they complained.

“The Lord is sweet, a refuge in time of trouble. He cares for many who trust Him.” – Nahum 1:7

Even because the Israelites fought, God was a relentless reminder of His presence, in the shape of a cloud by day and a pillar of fireplace by night (Exodus 13:21).

Hebrew expression ananei hakavod (pronounced: ah-nah-A-hak-a-vard) means a divine cloud or cloud of glory. God was within the clouds guiding and protecting. He is near His children day and night; there within the clouds they find His refuge.

So if you’re wondering where is God in my situation, just look up! He is there watching over you. And when all the things seems very dark, keep in mind that He keeps you protected under His wings (Psalm 91:4).

Can I trust God once I feel a lot doubt and uncertainty?

I wrote this bible study to assist believers understand that they will stop in search of a technique to gain faith and easily learn to simply accept it as a free gift (Ephesians 2:8).

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