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Genshin Impact: Paper Theater Over Peaks guide

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Over Peaks is a challenge that may happen on Day 3 on the Paper Theater Genshin’s strike. Things will get complicated as you now must take care of wind currents and floor slabs. Here’s ours Genshin’s strike A Paper Theater Over Peaks guide to provide help to with this activity which is a component of Lantern Rite 2023.

Attention: For more information concerning the game, try our Genshin’s strike guides and have center. Similarly, you may take a have a look at our primary guide to the Lantern Rite 2023 event.

Genshin’s strike Paper Theater Across Mountains Guide (Lantern Rite 2023)

Down Genshin strikes Over Peaks Puzzles In the Paper Theater quest, we marked some moving slides based on their starting position. The additional instructions we offer are based on any latest slides/landscapes at this location once they’ve been properly rearranged.

Scene 1

Genshin Impact Paper Theater Over Peaks Puzzle Scene Guide 1a

Screenshot by PC Invasion

  • The first Paper Theater Over Peaks rolls in Genshin’s strike adds wind current mechanics. As expected, this may cause your character to glide/float up.
  • Swap the lower left start line with the wind current within the upper left corner. This will cause the character to crash right into a stone pillar within the upper half.
  • Once the figure is on the highest left slide, swap it with the underside right part.
  • This will cause the character to glide to the chest.

Scene 2

Genshin Impact Paper Theater Over Peaks Puzzle Scene Guide 2a

Screenshot by PC Invasion

  • This scene from the Paper Theater Over Peaks in Genshin’s strike introduces floor slabs that the character can step on, causing gaps to be completely closed in certain areas. However, stepping on the identical plate would create a niche within the track again.
  • Start the scene and let the character walk into the wind current at the underside and in the center. When it glides, move the middle from the underside to the underside right.
  • It will fall on the sting of the canvas. However, the present of the wind will lift it to the other edge and force it to step on the plate. This will open one among the stone ledges.
  • While still in the center top slide/before it hits the pillar, toggle the highest right and bottom right corners. He will return to the wind current.
  • As it glides, move the upper right corner to the lower left corner. This will allow him to achieve the chest.

It completes every little thing Genshin’s strike Over Peaks stages for Paper Theater activities. Then you’ll complete the Adeptus Ex challenges.

Scene 3

Genpct V34 Lntrev Ppttr D3 Ovp 3a

Screenshot by PC Invasion

  • There are numerous thorns here, so watch out. First, let the character walk against the down-mid wind.
  • As it glides, move the middle from the underside to the underside right corner. It will soar up.
  • Once it’s on the highest right slide, swap the underside middle and bottom right. This ensures it lands on the ground plate.
  • Let it reach the wind current and move from bottom center to bottom left. It will likely be lifted up.
  • As soon because it lands on the highest shelf, swap the underside left and bottom center. It will fall, but the present of the wind will carry it straight to the crate.

Genshin’s strike is offered through it official website. Check out our guides and have center for more information.

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