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Lumos System: AI-Powered Quality Control

The automated quality control system in production lets you monitor a very powerful processes, excluding the human factor. Thanks to this, on each product line and at any time, the standard of the products stays the identical and meets the standards.

Lumos is Rios robotic quality control a system that selects products with defects in any production chain, is straightforward to administer and implement, because of which it’s currently actively utilized in many industries. It is even suitable for food industry enterprises.

Why do you would like quality control in production?

Automatic quality control has many benefits:

  • High performance;
  • Compliance with quality standards;
  • Increasing the extent of production;
  • Reducing line downtime and waste.

In addition, the production quality control software has a convenient interface, because of which the worker can easily navigate the management system and configure robotic solutions for the particular needs of the factory.

What are the advantages of Workcell Lumos?

Lumos is a robotic quality control solution suitable for monitoring any production line. At the identical time, the robot system it mechanically sends the user all of the obligatory data in real time with none delay.

Artificial intelligence, which is the premise of the standard control solution, checks and measures every corner of the product. The software collects and processes all data, providing an in depth report. In the long run, such data will help to optimize processes and make finished products even higher.

Lumos technical features

The performance of the Lumos robot from Rios is impressive: in a minute, the robot processes 100 units of products, detecting defects based on artificial intelligence.

Lumos robotic quality control is integrated into each latest and existing production lines. The system is flexible and simple to put, so it is kind of convenient and cost-effective. In addition, Lumos serves as a connecting line or can work with an output conveyor. The company can integrate the brand new control system at any stage: each before the factory is launched and through its operation: the answer integrates with other technologies and is universal. In addition, the system adapts to any size and form of product.

Note that Rios offers its systems and services as RaaS, which suggests you possibly can adjust your factory to fit your needs and it’ll be inexpensive.

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