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Prayer for my husband

When God said, “It shouldn’t be good for man to be alone; I’ll make him a helper like him,” it had a stupendous purpose to bless Adam with a life companion. Together they may construct a house, a family and a legacy.

God’s perfect plan for marriage is for husbands and wives to unite, first with Him after which with one another. “And the 2 will develop into one flesh.” In this context, the wife’s prayers are powerful intercessions for her husband. He knows him intimately, what concerns him, what keeps him awake at night, what motivates him and what makes him pleased.

So irrespective of how busy we’re, praying for our husbands is important to our role as wives. They need it, they deserve it, and they’re going to greatly profit from it. How 1 John 5:15 says: “And if we all know that He hears us – whatever we ask – we all know that we’ve got received what we asked of Him.”

Here are five specific prayers you possibly can pray to your husband:

1. For their heart

Gracious God, please touch my husband’s heart together with your love today. Give him assurance that you simply love him with everlasting love and wish one of the best for him. When he gets frustrated, give him a way of peace and quiet so he can cope with the situation truthfully. When he’s lying down, lift his head up and draw his gaze to you. Thank you, Lord, for safeguarding his heart, keeping him close and reminding him of your great love. Help me to be understanding, kind and loving to him in order that he at all times has a soft place to land. In the sacred name of Jesus, amen.

2. For their mind

Lord God, please fill my husband’s mind with good and nice things today. Whenever negative thoughts arise, please replace them with things which can be true, noble, proper, pure, beautiful, admirable, perfect, and praiseworthy. I’m asking for a deep sense of peace to fill his mind in order that he’ll know that every one will probably be well. Give him wisdom in all his decisions and interactions with others, and provides him understanding when confusion arises. Most of all, help him deal with You, the Author and Perfecter of his faith. In the name of Jesus, amen.

3. For their soul

Heavenly Father, I pray for my husband’s soul, to the very depths of who he’s. Please settle any feelings of unworthiness and shame. Remind him of the redemption he has in your Son, Jesus. Fill his soul with hope and joy that surpasses all understanding. I ask for the mighty work of Your grace to dwell in the middle of his being, in order that he won’t walk in the burden of his soul, but within the lightness of Your presence. Please reassure him that Your yoke is nice and Your burden is light. he can do all things through Christ who strengthens him. Thank you for my husband’s precious soul – for who you made him. Help me be a support for him in good and bad times. In the mighty name of Jesus, amen.

4. For their strength

Lord, thank You for being my husband’s strength today. In the whole lot he does, please guide him together with your Spirit and strengthen his physique. When he feels drained, be the refreshment he needs. When he’s sick, be his gentle Healer. And when he’s drained, please fill him with life and vitality in order that he can face one other day in the enjoyment of knowing You. Lord, show me how I may help meet my husband’s needs and fill some gaps when he’s overwhelmed. Help me to pay attention to his struggles in order that I could be the companion you could have made me. Thank You for strengthening our marriage and keeping us aligned with Your Spirit. In the name of Jesus, amen.

5. For their purpose

Lord God, when life becomes mundane, please remind my husband of Your divine purpose. Speak recent life into his heart, mind and soul in order that he won’t let complacency take root. As a pair, please explain what you wish us to do to your glory and the nice of others. Awaken us to the greater purpose of drawing others to your Son. Help us to work together in every solution to make our home an oasis of peace and our family a united force for good. We wish to live your purpose for our lives. Thank You for guiding my husband in the trail he should walk in order that he can lead our family within the narrow path of righteousness for Jesus. I pray in His precious name, amen.

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