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Amazon employees say they were laid off by email: ‘Your role has been eliminated’

Amazon’s laid-off employees have complained that the e-commerce giant is using email to allow them to know they aren’t any longer needed by the corporate, in response to a report published today.

At least five staff who were laid off Wednesday said they received a cold-blooded letter from management in response to Insider.

“Unfortunately, your role has been eliminated,” Beth Galetti, Amazon’s director of human resources, wrote in an email.

“You now not should do any work on behalf of Amazon with immediate effect.”

The Seattle-based e-commerce giant is removing 18,000 jobs from its payroll as a part of cost-cutting measures.

Five former employees said none of them had been called to face-to-face with their supervisors before being fired.

“Everyone is kind of nervous,” said one cannery employee. “We just woke up today and received an email.”

Amazon plans to cut 18,000 jobs as part of cost-cutting measures.  Pictured is CEO Andy Jassy.
Amazon plans to chop 18,000 jobs as a part of cost-cutting measures. Pictured is CEO Andy Jassy.
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Immediately after receiving the message, the laid-off employees said their office IDs had stopped working and so they had been cut off from the corporate’s internal computer system.

“Our primary mode of communication will likely be internal email in your non-Amazon device,” Galetti wrote in an email.

To add insult to injury, laid-off employees have been told that since they’ll now not access their work computers, they have to add work emails and Amazon’s Chime video conferencing app to their personal devices, in response to Insider.

An Amazon spokesperson advisable The Post to an announcement from Amazon CEO Andy Jassywhich said earlier this month that management was “deeply aware that these role eliminations are hard on people and we do not take these decisions flippantly or take flippantly how much they’ll affect the lives of those affected.”

The laid-off workers criticized the way management informed them of the layoff.
The laid-off staff criticized the best way management informed them of the layoff.
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Other tech giants akin to Microsoft, Meta, Snap and Twitter have also downsized amid economic uncertainty across the tech sector.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella circulated a company-wide memo on Wednesday announcing that the software giant Windows would lay off about 5% of its 221,000 employees – or 10,000 staff – off the payroll.

A number of hours before Nadella’s memo was sent to employees, Microsoft hired Sting, the famous rocker of “The Police”, to perform at an intimate meeting of fifty people on the sidelines of the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, in response to The Wall Street Journal.

Galetti’s email to the dismissed Amazonians was sent with the topic “Subject: Important Information About Your Role.”

“Today we’re taking the very difficult step of reducing roles in several of our firms,” Galetti wrote in an email received by Insider.

“Unfortunately, your role has been eliminated.”

Employees said their office badges immediately stopped working after receiving the email.
Employees said their office badges immediately stopped working after receiving the e-mail.

“This isn’t a call that has been taken flippantly, and we’re committed to providing support to facilitate the transition from Amazon, including separation payments, country-specific transition advantages, and third-party job placement services,” the e-mail reads.

Laid-off staff at other firms which might be reducing staff during turbulent economic times said the best way they were told in regards to the layoff left a foul taste of their mouths.

Last week, several bankers who were busted by Wall Street investment giant Goldman Sachs told The Post they’d been invited to “meetings” at the corporate’s New York headquarters via calendar invitation emails – only to for his or her team boss to inform them they have been fired.

One source told The Post that the meeting, to which the laid-off staff were invited, was “arrange [their] calendar under false pretenses.

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