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The right way to earn a living by getting healthy

Need some encouragement to get out and be healthy? Good news! The MoneyMagpie team has discovered countless ways to earn a living through recovery and we won’t wait to share them with you.

From using medical health insurance to being a guinea pig in a clinical trial, listed here are some surprisingly easy ideas.

Apps that pay

Health app for phone

With smartphones now almost an extension of our bodies, it’s hardly surprising that there are tons of apps on the market to aid you get fit.

While all of them offer some incentive or incentive, we found two options from the UK that can actually reward your efforts with well-deserved money… in a single form or one other.

To receive bounty rewards, you will want one other fitness tracker or app to gather stats about your each day activity levels.

But while you pair Bounts along with your fitness tracker of alternative, it immediately starts converting your steps into points and rewarding you on your recovery.

If you utilize a step counting device like FitBit, it’s essential to take a minimum of 7,000 steps per day to qualify for points. The minimum requirement for apps like RunKeeper or Strava is 20 minutes of walking/running above a mean speed of 4 km/h per day.

Users receive 20 points for activity and may earn as much as 180 points per day.

These points can then be redeemed for exclusive offers, discounts and coupons at various retailers and well-known brands. Just do not forget that it may take some time to build up enough points to spend on purchases – just to present you an idea: 1,800 points will roughly translate to a £5 Amazon voucher.

click here for more details.

Like Bounts, the Sweatcoin app is open within the background of your phone and can track your movement throughout the day, rewarding you with 1 Sweatcoin for each 1,000 steps you are taking.

However, what makes this app somewhat different is that it actually encourages healthy outdoor activities without rewarding users for any indoor activity.

Once you might have gathered a certain variety of Sweatcoins, you’ll be able to start redeeming them for offers within the app. These offers will be for absolutely anything – digital watches, online memberships, food, drinks, shoes, clothing, running gear, music/software downloads, digital services and more.

Since Sweatcoin is largely a micro currency, you too can buy, sell and earn a living with it. However, it would take some research and practice to get it right.

Find out more at Sweatcoin website.

Health insurance awards

Health insurance concept image

Whether you might have chosen to speculate in private medical health insurance or depend on the NHS, chances are high you aren’t taking full advantage of the incentives they provide to live your healthiest lives.

The moment you enroll for considered one of Vitality’s medical health insurance plans, you’ll be able to start earning health points.

Similar to the apps mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to earn points for tracking your each day activity. Incentives start at just 12 points every week – which roughly translates to 12,500 steps a day twice every week – which will be redeemed for a Starbucks drink and a movie ticket.

Increase that to 880 points in a single go while you complete the net health check and Vitality Healthcheck. Once you have gathered enough points, you should use them to purchase anything from spa treatments to airline tickets.

Check Vitality website for more information on their rewards system.

Although they’ve not yet been approved, The NHS has made some radical proposals to reward your health efforts with as much as 25% off weekly groceries. Moreover, they appear to be pulling a page out of the Vitality book, aspiring to reward customers who reach 12,500 steps or more a minimum of thrice every week with free movie tickets.

These ideas give attention to “latest cities” and an try and “design” a healthy lifestyle by providing latest homes with free bicycles and equipping neighborhoods with outdoor gyms and sidewalks with sprint tracks.

In addition, as the biggest employer within the EU, the NHS also runs levies for firms and businesses that want to advertise a culture of health care amongst employees. They will offer financial incentives for increased activity in addition to regular mental and physical checks.

Read more about these financial incentives at NHS website.

Clinical tests

The doctor gives the young woman medication

Participating in paid clinical trials is usually a technique to make loads of money in a brief time frame, but there are some serious potential downsides to doing so, so be very clear for those who decide to achieve this.

Depending on the variety of trial you might be in, how invasive the trials are and the way long they last, you might earn anywhere from £100 to around £4,000.

Read our full article here.

Other ideas

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