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British Gas giving 1000’s of shoppers £250

Are you a British Gas customer? Do you pay your energy bills with a prepaid meter? If you answered yes to each of those questions, you might be eligible for support of as much as £250 from British Gas.

This is a discretionary loan payment of as much as £250, meaning British Gas will determine who gets the assistance. This might be provided to those fighting energy costs. Similarly, not everyone on prepaid meters might be eligible for credit.

British Gas said eligible customers will see credit added to their prepayment meter over the following month. You don’t must contact the corporate to use. If you qualify, you might be robotically identified and credited.

It is an element of a latest £10m support package from British Gas which goals to assist probably the most vulnerable customers on prepayment meters. Other support from the corporate includes vulnerability checks for purchasers who may have them.

British Gas has also stated that no customers might be switched to pre-paid meters this cold season unless they explicitly request it. However, prepaid meter users can already request smart prepaid meters in the event that they are fighting rising costs.

Chris O’Shea, CEO of Centrica, parent company of British Gas, said:

“We know that some prepay customers are self-disconnecting and never in search of help, so we have reviewed our policies to do more to focus on support to this group.

“As a responsible company, we’re doing every thing we are able to to support our customers during this crisis – our partnership with the British Gas Energy Trust provides grants and financial advice services.”

Last week alone, the Citizens Advice Bureau reported that greater than three million Brits ran out of credit on their prepayment meters last 12 months. This was as a result of the indisputable fact that he couldn’t afford to recharge. In addition, they found that 2 million people were disconnected at the very least once a month for a similar reason.

Shockingly, 19% of those that had their electricity cut off spent at the very least 24 hours without gas or electricity.

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