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TikTok is expanding its state-controlled media label to more countries

TikTok is adding labels to state media in additional markets after the primary Pilot program announced last March.

The company first announced the labels in response to the war in Ukraine, saying it was “accelerating” the implementation of this system with pilots in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. So far, several government-controlled Russian outlets equivalent to RT, RIA Novosti and TASS have been included on this policy.

A TikTok app displaying a state-controlled media pop-up with frequently asked questions about the label.

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Now, TikTok will expand the labels to 40 markets starting straight away, with more to are available in the longer term. The label criteria consider issues equivalent to editorial independence, coverage, journalistic behavior and funding. The company didn’t specify during which countries the labels might be introduced.

TikTok says additionally it is adding a way for outlets to appeal the label in the event that they consider the label is inaccurate. TikTok says outlets can provide proof of editorial independence, which is able to then be assessed by external experts.

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