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Hogwarts Legacy art book leak unveils Harry Potter game secrets

With the discharge date of Hogwarts Legacy approaching, the discussion surrounding the Harry Potter game continues to grow. Now it looks like people have managed to get their hands on the Hogwarts Legacy art book ahead of launch and share behind-the-scenes details of the RPG online.

If you wish to get into the sport with as little outside information as possible, that is yours Hogwarts Legacy Art Book Spoiler Warning.

The foremost point of contention is the illustration of a map of the grounds of Hogwarts Castle. It doesn’t look like a direct copy of the ultimate map itself, because the image description calls it an “early world map”, suggesting it’s more of a conceptual design.

The images of this leaked Hogwarts Legacy art book definitely look real. The mod team on the r/HarryPotterGame subreddit also confirmed that an art book is circulating.

HL map leak from Game Harry Potter

“The mod team checked the leak and source and we are able to confirm that some people have an early copy of the artbook. The photos within the artbook look like authentic. We cannot confirm claims based on the artbook, akin to “I read the book and that is what it said,” but at the least one user we contacted has a replica.

Official Art Book leaked. Full map, locations, characters, etc. from Game Harry Potter

There are a number of more general images of the art book Hogwarts Legacy, but probably the most interesting is the character menu image. You can see how you may select from different wands, gloves, headgear, headgear, robes/capes, outfits, flying mounts, and broomsticks. While it won’t be the largest surprise, it’s fun to see how you may personalize your character together with some Hogwarts Legacy spells.

If you wish to know much more in regards to the upcoming Harry Potter game, we have got the Hogwarts Legacy system requirements for you here, in addition to a Hogwarts Legacy length breakdown.

The creator of the Harry Potter series, JK Rowling, has made numerous transphobic remarks on social media lately. While WB Games claims that “JK Rowling shouldn’t be directly involved in the event of the sport,” it relies on her work, and it’s still unclear if she’s going to receive royalties from the sale. If you desire to to learn more about transgender equality or provide support, listed below are two vital charities we encourage you to affix: National Center for Transgender Equality within the USA and Mermaids in UK.

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