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Genshin Impact: Liloupar’s Cell puzzle guide

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Liloupar’s Cell is a location in Genshin’s strike. You will visit it as a part of the Dirge of Bilqis – The Temple where the sands flow like tears. Although the world isn’t particularly large, you’ll meet some NPCs here who will enable you in your adventures. Here’s ours Genshin’s strike Liloupar’s Cell puzzle guide to enable you solve it so you may get a luxury chest.

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Genshin’s strike Liloupar’s Cell Puzzle Guide (Dirge of Bilqis)

Location of the Liloupara cell in Genshin’s strike is offered after completing objectives in Gurabada Ruins. After exiting the pyramid, you will note that the sand at Safhe Shatranj has been completely drained. While there are numerous puzzles/challenge markers here, we’ll just give attention to our important quest, which is contained in the temple on the other side. Interact with the switch to open the door and go downstairs.

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Soon after, you will note a large tree in the space. When you approach him, Jeht will stop you, causing the Algorithm Matrix boss to spawn. You should already be aware of its capabilities, so take it out.

Get closer to the tree and you will discover a strange-looking item you could pick up, causing the environment to die. The object will speak to you, revealing its name is Liloupar, the genie within the flying lamp.

Your next goal is to go away the world, but before you try this, it’s price solving the Liloupar’s Cell puzzle in Genshin’s strike. The idea is to activate three Dendro wards:

  • One is behind the tree. All you might have to do is take down Electro Scorpion and his buddies.
  • The second one is on the sting of the chamber and it is the Weathered Obelisk puzzle. The solution to this problem is opposite this place: W -> H -> F.
  • The third can also be a part of the Weathered Obelisk puzzle. You will probably only see a couple of stones that function clues, so it is going to come all the way down to a means of elimination: Wave -> S -> Triple Dot.

After opening the posh chest, take the trail back outside. Jeht and Liloupar will argue, causing the previous to go away. Similarly, you shall be attacked by several Eremite bandits.

From here, your job is to go to every marked location, all while eliminating Hermits and other mobs. Also, if you happen to check the sloped path with a Seelie, you may pick up a Pathfinder’s Note. Assuming you have done every part within the Golden Dream arc, it should offer you the ultimate glyph in your Sumeru Desert Keystone.

After leaving the Liloupar’s Cell location in Genshin’s strike, all you might have to do is fast travel back to Camp Tanit and confer with Babel. Report your findings, then confer with Jeht and Azariq. You also can challenge Azariq in Genius Invokation.

This completes the branch of the search The Temple where the sands flow like tears. Next, you’ll face fertility immersed within the dunes, part 1.

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