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Tips on how to Hire a Freelancer That Will Help You Manage Your Sales

Do you wish an extra person to administer sales as a part of a short-term project? Or would you prefer to try a sales manager on a test drive before fully committing? Then hiring a freelancer to administer sales as an alternative of a full-time worker is an ideal idea. A freelancer may be as helpful as an unusual worker, and the worth is far lower. But you’ve to place within the work to search out the suitable match.

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Pay attention to an important skilled skills

When trying to find the right freelancer, be sure that you realize what qualities he needs to extend sales. When you mean an inventory of relevant skills, the reply to the way to hire a freelancer is like content authors to work in sales is correct in front of you.

Here are a few of an important skilled qualities it is best to search for:

  1. Knowledge of your product (or a minimum of a desire to understand it). If you wish someone to show you how to sell your app, hiring someone who has only ever sold “traditional” products like cars or furniture is just not an excellent idea. Look for somebody with sales experience in the identical or similar industry to yours.
  2. Understanding Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Building and maintaining relationships with customers is an important skill a sales manager must possess. So ask the freelancer you’re considering about their CRM training and experience.
  3. Exceptional communication skills. Active listening, relationship constructing, confidence, and other communication skills are the inspiration of a successful sales manager. Check the candidate’s CV for them and concentrate to his communication skills through the interview.

Decide what you are searching for

Unless your enterprise is small, one person cannot manage all sales related matters. Instead, you wish several sales reps and a manager to oversee and direct their work. Therefore, it might be an excellent idea to make an inventory of the belongings you expect from the freelancer you hire. In this manner, you’ll give you the chance to check their skills and experience with work in your organization.

For employers who haven’t yet gained sales experience themselves, it is best to hunt skilled advice first. This might be someone in your organization who has worked as a sales manager, a friend with relevant experience, or a profession expert. Ask all of them the suitable questions (related to your goals and expectations) and so they’ll show you how to create an inventory of things to prioritize with candidates.

Use reliable independent platforms to look for candidates

There isn’t any shortage of independent online platforms where you could find a reliable sales manager. But for those who have not used any of them before and weren’t completely satisfied with the result, it’s higher to keep on with essentially the most famous and reliable ones. Start with these:

  • superior work needs no introduction – there you could find an experienced and qualified freelancer for nearly any task. They even have lists of the highest freelancers in each category (including sales managers), making your search even easier.
  • Fiver is an ideal alternative to Upwork, nevertheless it’s mainly intended for short-term projects. So for those who are searching for a long-term sales manager, Fiverr is just not the perfect alternative.
  • Skills Center is probably not as well referred to as Upwork or Fiverr, but you could find an ideal sales manager here for a fraction of the worth you’ll pay one in every of the highest Upwork specialists. And the talent pool is narrower in Skillhub – you may avoid being overloaded with alternative.

…or depend on the network

If you struggle with trusting strangers, that is okay. An alternative to using external platforms is to question. If you’ve many friends within the business world, one in every of them can connect you to the right freelancer on your needs. Or one in every of the sales managers you realize could also be fresh out of labor and willing to tackle an independent project for a change.

By the way in which, irrespective of what your industry is, never underestimate the network; LinkedIn can show you how to stay in contact with everyone who could potentially help your profession sooner or later. Just remember to text them occasionally to avoid being referred to as that person. The one who writes to his friends and colleagues only once they need something.

Schedule an interview first

Freelancer platforms do an ideal job of vetting freelancers, but that is never enough. If you really need to search out someone who will do what you ask them to do, you must interview candidates. Make sure that their vision of the job as a sales manager aligns with yours, that they’re motivated, and most significantly that their communication skills match what their resume guarantees.

Some employers are reluctant to interview freelancers since the rate is lower in comparison with recruiting regular staff. But for those who trust a candidate without talking to them first, there’s an enormous risk of hiring someone who has no idea what they’re doing or whose vision is the other of yours. And you should have nobody accountable for the bad result but yourself.

Negotiate salary

Finally, you’ll want to discuss how you will pay the hired independent sales manager. Sure, one of the simplest ways is to pay for sales, which suggests they need to work for a percentage of the revenue they create to your enterprise; nevertheless, it’s an ideal strategy to motivate a freelancer and maximize their productivity.

But for those who’ve been beneficial the right candidate with excellent reviews and relevant experience, don’t miss the possibility to rent them only for the salary. They can claim a guaranteed fixed amount of cash along with a percentage of the sale. So for those who think their knowledge is price it, make the most of the offer.


Hiring a freelancer to administer your sales is less complicated than ever with the plethora of online freelancer platforms. Upwork, Fiverr, and Skillhub are great places to search for candidates and various suggestions for freelancing the way to write content that sells. But to have the right person, set your expectations, evaluate their skills and do not hire anyone without an interview. Good luck!

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