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The Royal Mint unveiled recent gold bullion

The Royal Mint today unveiled the 2023 Bullion Britannia coin. It is the primary bullion coin with the official portrait of His Majesty the King. They are the primary mint on the planet to introduce the official portrait of the king on bullion coins.

Following the introduction of 4 revolutionary security measures to The Royal Mint’s Britannia bullion coin, its appeal and demand skyrocketed world wide. Due to their status as legal tender, Britannia coins are exempt from capital gains tax (CGT) for UK residents. Britannia gold bullion can also be VAT free. This is the case with Britannia gold bars in each coin and bar form.

King Charles

Features of the coin

Britannia coins, forged from pure gold and equipped with security measures, may be purchased from The Royal Mint website. Beneath Britanni’s airy gown, the trident becomes a padlock because the viewer shifts perspective.

The animation of the coin’s surface reflects the movement of the waves. These added security measures each decorate and protect the coin, the Mint said. The microtext that borders the design reads “Decus et Tutamen”, which translates as “decoration and protection”.

The price of Royal Mint bullion coins fluctuates based on changes in the value of gold. The 1oz bullion coin was on sale on the Mint’s website on Monday for around £1,700.

Andrew Dickey, director of precious metals at The Royal Mint, said:

“The Britannia bullion coin is recognized by investors world wide. Its repute because the world’s most visually secure bullion coin has made it one of the crucial popular bullion coins produced by the Royal Mint.

“While the design of the Britannia bullion coin stays consistent, the 2023 issue marks a recent chapter for the Royal Mint’s bullion coins as His Majesty’s portrait appears for the primary time.

“Bullion coins are a beautiful option for a lot of investors trying to diversify their investment portfolio attributable to their value, marketability and liquidity, in addition to their UK CGT exemption. Each bullion coin produced by The Royal Mint is a mix of remarkable design, craftsmanship and the newest innovations, maintaining the standards of quality and accuracy you’ll expect from a world-leading mint.”

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