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Tweetbot is back down again

While users could login to Tweetbot and consider tweets, some said couldn’t post anything on Twitter through the service without getting an error message saying that they had reached their “data limit”. But now users say yes cannot log in in any respect.

“And now dead again, together with some old unused API keys, proving it was intentional and we and others were specifically targeted,” Tweetbot co-creator Paul Haddad writes on Mastodon. “First, I would not exchange keys if there was even a touch of communication.”

The client didn’t come back online due to anything Twitter did. Haddad tells Edge that they hadn’t heard anything from Twitter, in order that they “decided to start out using recent API keys and see if that might solve the issue.” This allowed the Tweetbot to temporarily avoid any disruption to the service, even when it put it in a semi-working state.

As identified by Developers of iOS MyskTweetbot probably had problems when it got here back online since it was using different API keys that imposed much lower restrictions on its activity. “The Twitter API restricts recent apps to low limits,” explains Mysk. “All Tweetbot users now have a shared limit of 300 posts per quarter-hour.”

Things began to go flawed last Thursday when users noticed that they not had access to third-party Twitter apps, including Tweetbot, Twitterific, and the Android version of Fenix. Despite the widespread confusion, Twitter and CEO Elon Musk have yet to publicly acknowledge the outage, nor have they reached out to the developers to allow them to know what is going on on. Meanwhile, Twitterific and Fenix ​​for Android are still on hold.

According report from information, Twitter can have intentionally disabled third-party apps. Internal news viewed by the outlet reveals a senior software engineer saying the failure is “intentional”. Another message reportedly says Twitter is preparing to issue statements to affected developers, even though it’s unclear when that will probably be ready.

Update, 19:10 ET: Updated to reflect the undeniable fact that Tweetbot is down again.

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