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One Piece Odyssey Battle System Explained

One Piece Odyssey he has many wrinkles in his combat system. While you would possibly have expected a really basic, familiar system, the sport actually does something different that will take some getting used to. You need to know the weaknesses, areas, buffs, and attack ranges to get probably the most out of the sport’s combat, so this guide has the whole lot you could know to get Luffy one step closer to becoming the Pirate King. Or at the very least get off Waford in… . one piece. Yes, yes, boo, when you want.

start with One Piece Odyssey uses the rock-paper-scissors weakness system. There are three kinds of characters – strength, speed and technique. Strength is nice against speed, speed is nice against technique, and technique is nice against force. It works exactly as you’d expect. If a robust character hits with any fast character, that character will take rather more damage. If a robust character hits one other powerful character, the damage will likely be much less. If a personality with power hits a personality with technique, the damage will likely be the bottom. You can take a look at the character stats to know how it really works.

Powered characters are resistant to Power attacks, but not as proof against them as Technique characters. This means you wish to organize your team fastidiously to make the most of your enemies. By default, you technically have three characters of every type (although for a lot of the game you will only have all three power members, because the third speed and technique character comes much later). Suppose you’re fighting a boss against a quick character like Rob Lucci. You want your power heroes – Luffy, Sanji and Chopper – to hit him and take his hits because it should maximize your damage potential while stopping your crew from taking massive amounts of harm from him.

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Combat system with One Piece Odyssey

Now that you might have an understanding of how weaknesses work, let’s take a take a look at areas. Battles in One Piece Odyssey are divided into 4 sections where characters and enemies are randomly placed. If your character is in the identical area as an enemy, they can not leave it until that enemy is defeated or when you use a special style of move, which I’ll go over in a moment. You can only move to a different area when you select to make use of a close-range attack on an enemy in that area.

But the characters even have long-range attacks. Luffy’s Gum Gum Pistol, for instance, is an inexpensive, effective long-range hit. Ranged strikes are unique in that they do not change your character’s position, in order that they might be used to hit any enemy on the battlefield at any time. Characters have default attacks and skills they will use. You can use default attacks under any circumstances, although just about all of them are close range. However, not all. For example, Usopp’s default attack is a ranged attack. Hitting with a standard attack will grant the character a specific amount of TP.

Abilities use this TP, so you’ll need to combine and match regular attacks and skills. If you max out a personality’s TP capability, it should get a stat boost so long as it’s full. Some abilities can hit all enemies in an area. There are even some (like Nami’s Thunderbolt Tempo) that may hit anything on the screen. Normal attacks normally do less damage than abilities, but not all the time, as it could possibly depend upon the enemy you’re facing. For boss battles, you’ll normally need to move all characters of the alternative type to the boss area. Since you might have 4 characters on the battlefield, because of this one character is not going to have a powerful boss resistance, which may get you into trouble.

One Piece Odyssey 3 combat system

Replace them

Unlike most turn-based RPGs, One Piece OdysseyThe battle system permits you to swap characters freely until they’ve used up their turn. Each crew member you might have placed might be converted right into a field for certainly one of your energetic members. You may freely exchange energetic members. Let’s say you might have Zoro and Sanji on the sector. Zoro, a tech-type, has to face a quick enemy that will not deal much damage. Sanji is coping with a style of power he won’t be super effective against. If you turn their places, they’ll have the option to deal rather more damage to their enemies.

For bosses, it’s a very good idea to depart a personality with full TP outside of the boss area. All you might have to do is switch the character you wish to a non-boss area after which never attack that character unless they’re using ranged attacks. Usopp is an important alternative for this as he can proceed attacking without leaving the realm. You can replenish a personality’s TP before a boss battle by farming for a minute or two. Being out of the boss area generally leaves the character secure from hits, which is nice because bosses can often single-shot kill non-opposed characters. If you might have Chopper outside the boss area, he may heal characters without using items.

When you turn characters and use different skills, certain things will charge the bond gauge. This goes as much as level 10 and might be used to make characters which might be blocked in an area by enemies change areas, or you should use it for super attacks that require you to have three or 4 specific members in your party. These attacks vary from getting used against a single enemy to all enemies directly. For boss battles, it’s a very good idea to save lots of your bond gauge to at the very least level nine, then hit the boss with three supers that can severely deplete his health bar.

One Piece Odyssey 4 combat system

You can create Trick Balls within the camp that may reduce the enemy’s attack, defense or buff your characters. It’s a very good idea to maintain a few of these in case of heavy fights. Finally, you should use Luffy’s Observation Hook to identify enemies in the sector which have experience bonus options. If you clear the goal in combat, you’ll be able to gain an enormous amount of additional experience. Boss battles often require you to defeat a boss with a particular character, which can double your experience. That’s really all you could know concerning the combat system in One Piece Odyssey. With all this in mind, you may have the option to get out of most situations, so keep your eyes on the prize. Be sure to ascertain out our review of the sport when you have not already.

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