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One Piece Odyssey — Quick suggestions for Strawhat Pirates

One Piece Odyssey it’s really a full-fledged JRPG, so some helpful suggestions will enable you get probably the most out of it. There are a lot of little belongings you’ll notice over time, so keep that in mind so you’ll be able to reap the advantages right from the beginning.

Pay attention to your crew

Each crew member has something they will do while exploring. You’ll probably mostly play as Luffy as he can stretch to succeed in recent areas and grab items from a distance. However, other characters also come in useful. If someone by accident utters a phrase for seemingly no reason, it implies that there’s an object nearby that only he can pick up. Nami says something about money as you catch up with to collecting your money, so switch to her and you will see them appear. Sanji, then again, can collect ingredients for food, so switch to him when he activates. The game normally lets you understand when a crew member can do something, so don’t think it’s just random banter.

Cook and create

Sure, you’ll be able to buy apples that give health and TP, however the food Sanji cooks within the camp or taverns is way more effective. Whenever you end up in a situation where Sanji can cook, have him cook what he can with what you’ve available and you will have higher supplies should you run into trouble. Similarly, it is best to attempt to have some Trick Balls with you that lower the enemy’s attack and defense. If you are having trouble with a difficult boss, lowering its stats is an important solution to turn the tide.

Extras are necessary

Next on our list One Piece Odyssey suggestions are accessories. You won’t wish to trouble equipping your crew with accessories, but truthfully, they make an enormous difference. You will find recent accessories on a regular basis, and equipping them could be the difference between life and death. I like having items to attack and defend on each character in addition to things that buff each character’s weakness resistance. Accessories can be combined by Robin, which you will need to make use of to get probably the most out of your characters.

Replace them

You can freely exchange crew members in battle in One Piece Odysseywhat it is best to do frequently. It doesn’t matter how small the issue is, even when you desire to eliminate a single enemy slightly faster. You can swap two members in a fight against one another or simply swap a member on the bench. You’ll find that combat might be way more efficient should you switch to the most effective character for the job each time you might want to.

Keep one out of reach

Bosses often have powerful attacks that can hit everyone of their vicinity. It’s idea to have three party members which can be strong against a boss attacking them of their area, while one other character in a separate area can use long-range attacks or provide support, whether it’s healing or buffs. This is very necessary because if you’ve a fourth character within the boss area, they may take way more damage than the opposite three, so there’s not at all times reason to have them in combat.

One Piece Odyssey 3 tips

So much for ours One Piece Odyssey advice. Remember, you’ve the plot crew members, so keep warm and eventually the opposition will melt. Be sure to examine out our review should you have not had a likelihood yet.

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