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Valorant episode 6 might be a nightmare for serious players

When Riot lifted the curtain on Haven in 2020, the Valorant network buzzed with praise; someone finally broke away from the everyday FPS game layout. Forgotten Monastery has turn into a favourite map for skilled players, but some still hesitated about these three places. It seems that Riot is bound in regards to the latest layout. Enter Lotus, the worst nightmare for dedicated Valorant Episode 6 players.

Haven is popular with skilled players, but it surely’s just not suited to fast-paced ranked play. Now having two maps with three locations in a pool of seven maps is a disaster that may occur. The triple repercussions ought to be revealed in a couple of weeks, shaking the Valorant meta for the more serious.

Valorant’s triple maps are a terrible idea

Trick maps like dual-mid or triple-site work well in pro play. You spawn with a team of 5 able to executing complex strategies. Months of practice, coordination and communication act as catalysts. But while you’re playing Valorant to level up quickly with random players, communication is not all the time justifiable, let alone strategy.

Have is popular not only amongst professionals. It’s a favorite. The map is heavily oriented towards attackers, with 52% of matches stepping into favor of attackers. You are ready for the remaining of the sport should you decide to attack Haven first and win most rounds. For example, if a half ends 9-3 at best, the defense is sort of a picnic.

But casual players do not have the posh of picking sides. If you’re thrown right into a defensive game, losing a lot of the first half is sufficient to break morale. The potential for returning to such maps is high, but it surely’s hard to hope for casual players able to get out of a boring game. Next!

Breeze is now available despite being newer than other maps. But Haven stays, together with Lotus, a map that carries the same threat of three places. The Lotus is not just big, though; it is also more chaotic, with a lot of rat corners and revolving doors. Now players in ranked mode may have to walk around two large locations without communication. We already feel the silence ringing in our ears; Not only does Lotus sound boring, but it surely’s a map where solo players may never see a winner green screen.

FPS maps must provide a balanced basis for competition. But maps with three locations naturally profit attackers, regardless of how easily the defenders rotate. Having two locations is a giant challenge; now imagine you do it on three. Attackers can march into an empty spot on the back of an intel collector. Conversely, defenders must read patterns, recognize mock executions, and run across the map with a knife.

Winning as a defender at Lotus and Haven requires a well-thought-out lineup. In competitive Valorant, few players care enough to hover over their desired agents and rethink their lineup. In contrast, attackers rely only on the initiator to assist gather information at an early stage. This imbalance was negligible on one page, but two pages is a recipe for Valorant’s messy meta.

Large maps in competitive Valorant decelerate the pace of the sport. On the opposite hand, maps like Icebox, Bind, Split and Fracture are excellent. But Riot must have the appropriate layout for big maps. Ascent is a main example of a map that’s more on the larger side and matches directly into the Valorant pool.

It can be interesting to see how serious Valorant players adapt to the maze that’s Lotus. They may have luck greater than purpose!

Valorant’s ninth map is already making waves, but winning won’t be easy. Make sure you’ve got one of the best Valorant crosshair cheats to prepare for the Valorant Episode 6 rank grind!

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