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Spotify is having an outage

It’s Friday night within the US, and for many individuals, music is not playing on Spotify. Users report that streams suddenly stopped, and for many who have logged out, some say they’re unable to log back in.

The outage brought over 30,000 reports DownDetector.com, starting just before 8 p.m. EST and increasing rapidly since then. AND corporate web API status page indicates a “minor” partial failure that affects only the player itself, which is consistent with what we’re seeing – nevertheless it’s also crucial a part of Spotify.

The Spotify Status account on Twitter confirmed the problems, tweeting“we’re taking a look at it” but nothing yet indicates what could have caused the issue or when services might be restored.

The last time we saw this type of outage for Spotify, the wrongdoer was a problem with Google Cloud, but up to now there is not any indication of a bigger cloud or routing issue that would affect other services as well.

Right now, you would possibly need at hand over the auxiliary cord to someone who doesn’t have a Spotify subscription (who’ll be easy to discover as they’re the one ones who didn’t post a Spotify Wrapped image on social media a number of weeks ago) or do something as archaic as counting on downloaded MP3s or some physical medium.

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