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Ashley Tisdale Opened Up About Her Alopecia Diagnosis

Approximately 6.8 million people within the United States will experience alopecia areata of their lifetime National Alopecia Areata Foundationand Ashley Tisdale is certainly one of those people. On January 11, the Disney Channel alumnus posted a brief video where she explained that she had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and shared a number of the things she has done to treat her hair loss.

Tisdale opened the video, recalling noticing a bald spot near her hairline in her 20s and asking her hairdresser what was happening. That day, she discovered what baldness was, after which went to her dermatologist, who diagnosed her with an autoimmune disease. She learned how much stress this condition could cause, and he or she had handled it loads on the time. “So the hair grew back, and fortuitously it at all times does. But just a few times in my life I’ve had very stressful events,” she said. “I’ve noticed this coming back and desired to share just a few things which have helped me because just having them could be stressful.”

Two key things he does are stress management and platelet wealthy plasma (PRP) injections. While it isn’t possible to completely eliminate stress (and if anyone knows the key, tell us), Tisdale likes to speculate in yoga, therapy, meditation, and just reevaluating her priorities. “Often my cortisol spikes because sometimes I get stressed for no reason, so it’s really essential to know what’s really an enormous deal and what’s not an enormous deal,” she explained.

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