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TikTokers Are Boosting Their Workouts With Sour Candy. But Does the Science Back It Up?

ABOUTOne of the latest fitness hacks on TikTok is one you would possibly not have expected: Eating sour candies before training for extra energy. Creators make videos of them doing it within the gym, and folks love watching them do it. “Sour candy gym” has over 804 million views on the platform.

I mean, you haven’t got to inform me twice to eat some sour punch straws before my hot girlfriend goes for a walk. But as with all TikTok trend, it’s idea to succeed in out to the experts. Does science actually back this up, or is that this just one other case of unreliable sources providing quick fixes?

According Rachel Trottaan authorized personal trainer who stuffs sour candies in your mouth before training if have advantages. “When it involves sports nutrition, this trend is totally on,” he says. However, he points out that this will not be a latest trend. “Candies like jelly bears have long been a staple of distance athletes.”

The truth is that sour candy is just scientific. “While it seems like a fun concept, eating sour candy to boost your workout is nothing greater than a contemporary twist on basic science,” says Kylene Bogden, MS, RDN, Nutritional Nutritionist at Dr. Pureboostco-founder FWDfueland a frontrunner in the sector of functional sports nutrition.

The science behind increasing sweetness

How exactly can sweets improve your training? As you might have heard, carbohydrates – or sugar – are an awesome source of energy for our bodies. “Our body will store carbohydrates in the shape of glycogen in our muscles to make use of as energy during our workouts,” he explains. Alex Larson, MS, RDN, LD, a sports nutritionist from Minnesota who focuses on working with endurance athletes. “However, when our glycogen stores are depleted, our strength and energy will wane. Taking in a fast energy source like candy sugar offers you the crucial boost to maintain crushing your workout.

Not while eating candy crucial for a solid workout, it could possibly definitely help. “This will support our body’s physiological response to training, resulting in each cardiovascular and musculoskeletal adaptations that support [an] overall increase in strength and endurance,” says Larson. Trotta adds that that is most useful for higher intensity or longer workouts.

These answers may surprise you. Don’t we hear from advertisements, the media, and “almond moms” (or anyone who has fallen victim to eating regimen culture) that candy is “bad”?

“The reason it seems so novel and counter-intuitive on social media is that sugar and exercise appear to be antithetical to your health goals – but in point of fact they don’t seem to be,” says Trotta. “Your body needs glucose for fuel, and while wellness culture tends to demonize sugar, it’s an especially effective exercise fuel.” And after all, moralizing about food is at all times unhelpful and may result in disordered eating habits.

Here’s get the very best results out of your Sour Patch snack

When to eat candy—and the way much—is determined by the variety of workout you are doing. In general, though, in keeping with Larson, you should snack on easy carbs — like candy or PopTarts — and eat it about 15 to 45 minutes before you begin moving. In terms of quantity, “20 to 40 grams of carbs could be place to begin,” he notes. (For context, 12 Sour Patch Kids has 27 grams of carbs.)

The variety of candy also matters, but only to a certain extent. “The reason sour candies have received special attention is that they’re virtually fat-free, meaning that sugar might be quickly converted to glucose for energy without the fat (or protein) to slow it down.” explains Trotta. In other words, he says, chocolate is not as effective as a pre-workout fuel.

Ultimately, select what is accessible to you and what your body craves. “Candy is simple and cheap,” says Larson. Trotta adds that expensive pre-workout supplements are only sugar anyway, although they’re advertised as “healthier.”

However, consider that if you could have a sugar sensitivity, this approach might be not best for you. “The only time I’d say to be very careful is that if you could have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar),” warns Bogden. “Quick spikes and crashes could make your training suffer.”

Other foods to make it easier to prepare for training

If you do not feel like sour candies, there are other foods that may do the job. “Of course, you should use a cost-effective ‘whole food’ like a banana to energise yourself before a workout (and that is what I counsel a lot of my clients to do),” says Trotta.

Bogden adds that eating a carbohydrate-rich meal – comparable to oatmeal or a rice-based bowl – about two to 3 hours before training is one other good idea. After training, Larson recommends supplementing with carbohydrates to replenish glycogen and protein to repair and rebuild muscles.

While it is best to watch out with the fitness and food advice you hear on TikTok, on this case you have the green light to munch on those Sour Skittles. “Sometimes TikTok helps to make solid sports nutrition visible by difficult the black-and-white pondering of eating regimen culture,” says Trotta. “It’s price remembering that nutrition is context-sensitive, and a tough workout or serious training run requires us to rethink our dietary needs, whether or not we’re using candy for fuel.”

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