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The best cooking games on PC 2023

What are the best cooking games for pc? Whether you desire to chill out and create delicious masterpieces or challenge your folks within the kitchen chaos, the wonderful world of cooking and restaurant games won’t allow you to down.

You do not have to be a kitchen geek to get around these chef specialties, because one of the best PC games for a budding restaurateur don’t at all times should appeal to the chef in us; these may be colourful management games, involve each farming and preparation, or require some serious rule polishing. They can be a soothing option to pass the time, whether by throwing tomatoes at a friend in Overcooked or dragging a monster home for a night meal in Battle Chef Brigade. Look no further, whatever cooking experience you are on the lookout for, because we have rounded up a listing of one of the best cooking games for PC.

Here are one of the best cooking games for PC in 2023:

Overcooked 2

In Overcooked 2, you play as a cartoon chef who tries to satisfy customers’ orders by following recipes using various ingredients, utensils and gadgets within the kitchen. Simple, right? No. Overcooked 2 increases the problem with each latest level, from a single ingredient sushi recipe in a typical kitchen to soaring through the clouds on a flaming balloon and managing multiple pizza orders. It also means a variety of teamwork and communication – so a pile of dirty plates doesn’t pile up and value you invaluable points.

Overcooked 2 doubles down on the platforming elements of the primary game, with levels featuring moving kitchen sections, bouncing puzzles, and even conveyor belts. Plus, you possibly can throw in ingredients during this time, which saves time – thank goodness Onion Kingdom doesn’t have food hygiene rankings. Both Overcooked games have been remastered and re-released as Overcooked! All You Can Eat and a few latest levels have been added to Overcooked games totally free in October 2022, so there are more cuisines and dishes to explore than ever before.

The best cooking games: selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, wines and oils, spices and knives on the kitchen counter.  A raw chicken leg is in the upper corner.

Cooking Simulator

Taking the art of cooking somewhat more seriously, Cooking Simulator is a first-person cooking game that allows you to prepare, slice, and dice at workstations in a high-end kitchen. Career mode permits you to develop your repute and culinary skills to unlock latest ingredients and recipes along the best way. Or, in case you prefer to chill out and ease the pressure in sandbox mode, you’ll need access to all of the recipes and ingredients you may need.

Cooking Simulator can improve your cooking skills because the fully stocked kitchen comes with loads of ingredients and equipment that may put your cooking skills to the test. Many cooking sims depend on physics, which adds to the strain even with easy burger flipping – the chances for horrendous spoilage are infinite.

The best cooking games: GOG Cook Serve Delicious 3 brings you delicious strawberry bubble tea

Cook, serve, delicious! 3?!

The third installment in the favored cooking game series is finally available on Steam Early Access. This time around, you may be driving your food truck to compete within the National Foodtruck Championship, which implies more emphasis on street food like ramen, Cuban sandwiches and poutine – cheers, Québécois cuisine.

We especially just like the latest chill out mode which makes this probably the most relaxing games because it removes all time restrictions and permits you to cook at your individual pace.

Best Cooking Games: Cook with Remy in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney’s Dream Valley

Dreamlight Valley burst onto the scene as undoubtedly one among last 12 months’s surprise hits. Even in its current state of early access, Dreamlight Valley has earned its place as among the best Disney games of all time, in addition to among the best games of life.

We also think it deserves to be amongst one of the best cooking games, with Dreamlight Valley’s 170+ cooking recipes playing their part in every aspect of the sport. Cook meals at Remy’s restaurant, discover latest ingredients through friendship quests and story quests, or just sell a few of your tastiest meals for extra Star Coins. But they are saying the option to someone’s heart is commonly through their stomach, so we predict any food you do not need for quests is best donated to your latest Disney neighbors.

Best Cooking Games: The chef is frying ingredients in a wok in the forest.  Underneath is a match-three puzzle game.

Chefs Brigade

We included this anime game due to the gorgeous hand-drawn art style and RPG elements in cooking games. You’ll have to search out and catch your ingredients before taking them back to the kitchen – the higher kitchen utensils you possibly can loot, the higher dish you will get. This intriguing cooking game combines 2D monster fights in quite a lot of match-3 inspired cooking puzzles to win contests for one of the best meal.

Battle Chef Brigade can also be a role-playing game, featuring a single-player campaign and native multiplayer, with quite a lot of challenges and modes to maintain this tasty morsel of the sport fresh.

Best Cooking Games: Ghost Cook is able to somehow pop her face out of her head to pet a fuzzy figure with a deer skull instead of a head.

Dungeon Munchies

Far from a standard cooking game, Dungeon Munchies is a 2D platform game where one of the best option to survive is to create and excellent recipes to get probably the most dietary value out of your ingredients. These ingredients occur to be your enemies. So kill some broccoli demons and steam them to munch them later.

Even though Dungeon Munchies was initially released in Early Access and was only fully rolled out a couple of months ago, it’s already earning Michelin stars from Steam reviewers, topping the rankings of one of the best cooking games.

The best cooking games: top view restaurant where people in the kitchen are watching the guests

Chef: Game Restaurant Tycoon

This restaurant tycoon game focuses somewhat less on cooking and more on management games, complete with a customizable chef and a spread of favor options on your latest restaurant. There are loads of recipes and a recipe maker available, so you possibly can create your individual restaurant menu and theme, allowing you to be one of the best at burgers – if that is what you want.

As you progress, you may unlock skills and expand your menu, and the world will react to your selections. It all comes all the way down to balancing the price of your dishes and providing a high quality service that customers will come back for. It is kind of difficult, but the outcomes are value it.

The best cooking games: several customers are waiting for their food while the chef and the waiter stand around doing nothing

Dash cooking

Cooking Dash, a time and restaurant management game with a wacky story campaign delivered in the shape of comics, uses an old-fashioned animation style and satisfying level design to maintain you hooked. Cooking Dash increases in difficulty as you progress, but is one among the more relaxing games you possibly can switch to.

Top cooking games: two mouse icons click on a cookie as the progress indicator moves across the right screen

Cookie clicker

Featured as one among our greatest idle PC games, Cookie Clicker does what it says on the tin. So in case you love your baked goods and need to spend a while clicking on an enormous cookie to win prizes, Cookie Clicker is at your fingertips.

This baking game relies solely in your clicks to progress and every click brings you a cupcake, the further you progress, you possibly can hire grandmas to make cupcakes or sow fields with cookie seeds. There is just one real purpose – the cookie.

The best cooking games: the player measures the flour into a steel bowl.  They currently have 150 grams in the bowl and a little more in their measuring cup.

Bakery simulator

The realistic baking game, Bakery Simulator, requires you to master all the talents it’s essential turn into a virtual master baker, including meticulously measuring ingredients, handling potentially lethal devices, and attempting to navigate an unstable physics engine.

The bakery sim works a bit in another way than your typical restaurant management game, tasking you with sourcing ingredients, teaching you the way to make an assortment of breads, and – in fact – the way to avoid dying in a hearth. You can play the demo for yourself via Bakery Simulator Steam page.

Best Cooking Games: Kitchen Setup with Hob, Knife Rack, Toaster and Spices in Minecraft Cooking with Blockheads


For mushroom stew fanatics, we imagine Minecraft easily makes the list of one of the best cooking games, but the remainder of us is perhaps hungry for a bit more variety relating to Minecraft food preparation. Luckily on your culinary inclinations, with a couple of Minecraft mods and these great Minecraft kitchen ideas, you possibly can get yourself a completely functional kitchen where you possibly can cook anything from asparagus quiche to Yorkshire pudding.

Several mods add depth to cooking in Minecraft, but we recommend these two. Pam’s Harvestcraft adds greater than 275 dishes and recipes to the sport, in addition to trees and crops from which you’ll collect ingredients. Cooking for dummies will enable you to understand the chaos by providing a cookbook that shows you the whole lot you possibly can make with the ingredients you’ve got available. It also comprises all of the blocks needed to construct a completely functional kitchen – oven, sink, fridge, etc. – you understand what ought to be within the kitchen.

Now placed on your chef’s hat and revel in these culinary delights. If you wish to work with others to realize a goal, here’s a choice of one of the best co-op games for PC.

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