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One Piece Odyssey PC Port Report — Brave latest world

The Straw Hat Pirates are back with a PC port One piece Odyssey. For probably the most part, I actually have pretty good things to say about this offering. The draw distance is brief needless to say (a variety of popups), but I had only a few issues with it, aside from one crash. While the sport allows for unlimited frames per second, I opted to play in 4K, which brought me to a near-constant 60fps. Had just a few dips here and there and a few stuttering because it is an Unreal 4 game but very playable. However, I’m undecided why the PlayStation 5 version is proscribed to 4K and 30 fps. But enough about that. Let’s try these menus.

One Piece Odyssey Computer port report

All about options

There are more options here than I expected from a game with anime graphics, but they’re mostly according to Bandai Namco’s recent offering. Anti-aliasing, shadows and post-processing are included. No texture settings, but textures in One Piece Odyssey they’re decent regardless. The frame rate could be limited to 30, 60 or 120 fps. Or you’ll be able to run it unlimited as I discussed earlier. Then again, it is a JRPG, so it isn’t like those extra borders will enable you to select menu items faster.

Screenshot by PC Invasion

There are fullscreen, windowed, and borderless options, although windowed mode appears to be similar to borderless from what I’ve seen.

PC port of One Piece Odyssey 3

Screenshot by PC Invasion

You can freely map mouse and keyboard controls. The mouse also works in menus, which is at all times appreciated, especially in relation to turn-based games. It’s nice that you simply do not have to pick actions with a gamepad. Speaking of which, it’s also possible to remap many of the gamepad buttons. Sticks cannot bounce for movement (although stick clicks are fair), but what were you going to do to maneuver the characters and the camera?

One Piece Odyssey Port 4

Screenshot by PC Invasion

And you bought it. One Piece Odyssey it has a reasonably decent PC port that goes together with being a reasonably good JRPG. It’s weird to think that anime games on PC have come this far, but I’m glad Bamco is trying. It even makes you choose to share data right from the beginning, as a substitute of just sneakily leaving it within the menu or forcing “partial” collection. Progress.

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