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Destiny 2 update fixes some busted armor mods

With the newest Destiny 2 update, the following time you spawn within the Tower, things needs to be faster. Patch brings a surprisingly large variety of improvements and customizations to Bungie’s magical sci-fi MMO, including improved UI load times and a couple of fixes for some Destiny 2 armor mods that weren’t working as intended – most notably Unstoppable Hand Cannon and Dispel energy substrate.

The Unstoppable Revolver might be unlocked at Tier 1 of the Seraph Cipher Seasonal Artifact, which is an element of the Destiny 2 Season 19 Progression System. With this weapon mod, you’ll be able to goal any hand cannon crosshair for a couple of moments to fireside a more powerful projectile that’s effective against Unstoppable Heroes .

With the newest fix, the Unstoppable Hand Cannon prompts faster, and the beep you hear when it happens should just play while using a hand cannon – Triggered on weapons aside from a hand cannon, although without the hand cannon effect.

Another armor mod that has been fixed on this update is Energy Diffusion Substrate, a chest armor mod that grants a small amount of resistance to all combatant damage. It’s unlocked on the third level of the Seraphim Cipher, and the cool thing is that it’s purported to stack as much as 3 times – only it didn’t.

The latest patch fixes this, so Energy Dissipation Substrate is now something you must definitely consider adding to your chest mod loadout.

With all standard mods now unlocked for everybody, you’ll be able to throw any of those bad boys into your inventory the following time you launch Destiny 2.

There are many other fixes listed within the file patch notes the last one stands out: Bungie claims to be an optimized Destiny 2 UI loader that ought to make switching between menu screens faster than prior to now.

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