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Meet this entrepreneur who saved $100,000 and quit her marketing job by age 25. Here’s how she did it

Having an emergency fund ought to be the idea of your personal budget.

Experts recommend that you’ve got at the very least three months of spending savings to cope with unexpected circumstances. But how much money do you have to save before deliberately quitting your job? This query is harder to reply.

To Tori Dunlap, founding father of a financial education company focused on women Her first 100,000the number was $100,000.

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Dunlap landed an entry-level marketing job after graduating from college and shortly found that corporate life was not for her.

She set a goal of saving $100,000 by the point she was 25 and began a private finance blog. Her savings grew, as did the variety of followers of her blog. At the age of 25, Dunlap reached her financial goal and have become a full-time entrepreneur.

Watch this video for the 4 steps Dunlap recommends for everybody to construct their very own safety net.

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