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Latest: Magpul DAKA Grid Rifle Case Organizer

Whether you are going hunting, practicing shooting on the range, or loading up your gear for an emergency, it’s a superb idea to maintain your gear in a tough case. Thanks to this, your weapons, ammunition, tools and other equipment will safely reach their destination. However, not all hard cases are created equal – the most effective cases have organization systems that might be configured to stop gear from shifting during transport. In most cases, this implies pick-and-pear foam that might be cut or ripped to suit the outline of the hardware, but it surely’s a one-way process. If you modify equipment after the froth has been cut, you’ll need to buy latest foam. Magpul recently announced a latest module rifle case organization system for Pelikan, Plano and other hard suitcases generally known as the Magpul DAKA Grid organizer.

The Magpul DAKA Grid organizer consists of three parts. It starts with a skinny layer of froth at the underside for cushioning and ends with a middle layer containing a grid of evenly spaced holes. The included sets of 10 double and 10 triple blocks might be inserted into these holes like pegs to create any layout you would like. Best of all, they might be reconfigured in seconds if you need to change the layout.

Magpul says additional expansion kits might be offered for DAKA Grid in the longer term, including:

  • Angled blocks for filling unusual cavities
  • V blocks for supporting barrels, bows, fishing rods and other narrow objects
  • Lashing straps for attaching items to the mesh
  • Organizational containers for small items

Currently, the DAKA Grid system is accessible just for two shells, i.e Pelican Crypt V730 and V800. However, Magpul’s teaser video mentions that models may also be available for the Pelikan 1720 and 1750, the Plano AW2 42″ case, and a latest DAKA rifle case manufactured by Magpul itself (coming soon). You can read more in regards to the Magpul DAKA line of shells, available in 35, 44 and 53 inches, here.

The suggested retail price of the DAKA Grid system is USD 140 for the Vault V730 and USD 160 for the Vault V800. Block expansion sets (6 additional double blocks and 6 triple blocks) will cost $30, but are currently marked “coming soon”. The remainder of the suitcase systems and accessories are expected to be available later in 2023. For more information, watch the video below or go to magpul.com.

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