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How to earn money from your home….room by room

There are some ways to earn money from home to assist with running costs, energy bills and even to make a profit. You might be prepared to make use of all the house to make more money by renting it out as a TV or movie setting. Or possibly you favor to only use a single space like a garage, driveway or a free room.

Whatever your preference, at Money Magpie we’ve loads of ideas on learn how to make your own home pay for itself, room by room!



Renting an additional bedroom can earn you as much as £7,500 a 12 months tax free. According to the federal government I’ll rent a room diagram you’ll be able to set free of the home as much as you would like. Depending in your space and preferences, you’ll have to make a decision what sort of roommate you are searching for. Could you manage a everlasting resident who’s free to make use of common areas corresponding to lounge and kitchen? Or do you favor short-term guests who just need a pillow to put their heads at the tip of the day?

Either way, you will be earning passive income, and you’ll be able to earn money sitting in your butt doing nothing at the tip of an extended day. You can rest easy knowing you’ve gotten money without doing anything.


Sites like:

cover the entire of Great Britain. They are the proper platforms to advertise a room to a tenant.

Airbnb currently dominates the worldwide holiday rental market. This is an excellent place to put a spare room for the occasional vacationer.


Vandalized garage

How often do you utilize the garage? If you’ll be able to release some space, you’ll be able to rent it from sites like Staszbee or Roommates. You can charge a competitive rate in your space and they’re going to add a small fee to cover your expenses. They also offer insurance to guard anything you select to offer home. This is a terrific and simple solution to make some money if you’ve gotten the space.


increase the value of the house

Earn while sitting and watching TV! We know what you are considering – are you able to REALLY earn money watching TV?

Well yes you’ll be able to!

OK, chances are you’ll must do greater than that watch, but there are various ways to show a soothing pastime right into a money-making opportunity.

Find out how you’ll be able to earn money watching TV.


The most valuable toys you can have in the attic

Do you’ve gotten items nearby that you think that is perhaps value something? You’re probably right, and so they may very well be value quite a bit greater than you think that.

Children’s toys corresponding to Nintendo consoles or Star Wars motion figures might be value tons of of kilos, and imitation jewelery is all the time popular, especially Thirties designs which can be value tons of. Objects and furniture from the Eighties may even increase in popularity and value as we move further away from this iconic decade. Climb down the ladder and check the attic for money…


arrange dinner

In the kitchen, you’ll be able to earn money by organizing dinners, pop-ups, special events, cooking classes and far more www.eatwith.com. Hosts must give you the chance to cook as you will likely be charged for what you produce but you’ll be able to charge between £20 and £60 per person. You’ll should plan for the fee of shopping for and preparing food, so you will not give you the chance to make a living from it, but for those who love cooking and have space, it’s a terrific solution to meet recent people and make some money while doing it.


Woman with shopping bags using a tablet

There are many various ways you’ll be able to earn money lately and yes, you heard us right – that features empty boxes. With the increasing popularity of influencers and bloggers, we’re also seeing a growing demand for online sales of old boxes for tech and design products. Here’s our easy guide on how you’ll be able to sell the empty boxes you’ve gotten at home and make some money!


Toilet paper and empty tubes

You can earn money by selling old rolls of bathroom paper. No, we’re not even kidding about that! In fact, there are literally loads of people who find themselves dying to get their hands in your old rolls of bathroom paper.

We’ve done a little bit investigation into this growing money-making trend and gathered some vital information to provide help to earn an additional buck or two.



No matter how small your garden could also be, you’ll be able to earn some sweet mint with our clever outdoor money making ideas. From using the soil to grow produce on the market to renting out a garden for personal functions, there are many ways to make a pleasant fortune from these lovely petals. Click here for some top suggestions for making a living in your garden.


garden shed

You may not have set foot in it for years, it might be filled with tools and gardening equipment. But did you recognize that that wood hut at the underside of your garden could make you more money?

We delved into the intriguing world of shed work, and the outcomes surprised us. There are many opportunities to show a dilapidated shed right into a lucrative source of income. Click here to search out out more…


Raffle House master bedroom

Homeowners are searching for ways to combat the now all-too-notorious energy bill hikes and the cost-of-living crisis that’s all around the news without delay. One such opportunity is for homeowners who’ve an unused annex or outbuilding that might provide “passive income” by renting it out as an Airbnb… Find out how here.


Earn money by renting a driveway or garage

Do you reside in a very great transport location? Do you’ve gotten a garage or driveway that sits empty and begs for use? Why not turn it right into a money-making machine by renting it out?

Thousands of individuals within the UK rent out parking spaces, and for those who live in an enormous city or near an airport, you possibly can earn as much as £17,000 a 12 months! Who would not want that? We’re here to provide help to discover if that is the way in which for you


Slap in the kitchen

It will not be the primary thought that involves mind, but you’ll be able to earn money by renting out your home as a movie set.

Location scouts search for every kind of properties and pay as much as £2,500 a day for the usage of your own home.

Click here for a fast guide to renting a house as a movie set.

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