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3 easy steps to stop comparing yourself to other people

“Comparisons are the death of joy.”
Mark Twain

“When you are content to only be yourself and never compare or compete, everyone will respect you.”
Lao Tzu

One of essentially the most common and destructive each day habits is to always compare your life and yourself with other people’s lives and their lives.

You compare cars, houses, jobs, shoes, money, relationships, social popularity, and so forth.

And at the tip of the day you knock your self-esteem to the bottom and also you create a variety of negative feelings in yourself. And possibly also outside of yourself.

So what are you able to do? How are you able to master this habit?

Well today I would really like to share 3 steps that helped me move away from that – it takes time so be patient with yourself – and towards a healthier outlook on yourself and life.

Step 1: Just realize that you just cannot win by comparing yourself to others.

Just being aware of this is useful.

No matter what you do, you possibly can almost at all times find someone on the earth who has greater than you or is best at something than you.

Yes, it’s possible you’ll feel good for some time while you get a nicer automobile than your neighbor.

But every week or two later you will see someone from the following block with a fair more beautiful automobile than yours.

Step 2: Compare yourself.

Instead of comparing yourself to other people, create a habit of comparing yourself to yourself.

See how much you have grown, what you have achieved and the way much progress you have made towards your goals.

This habit has the advantage of making gratitude, appreciation, and kindness toward yourself as you watch how far you have come, the obstacles you have overcome, and the great stuff you’ve done.

You be ok with yourself without pondering less about other people.

You can develop this habit by, for instance, taking a couple of minutes every day or simply every Sunday (or any day that suits you) to journaling how you have grown, how close you are actually to your dreams and goals, and what you have overcome and What did you learn.

In this manner, your pondering will change over time, and your thought patterns will robotically turn into more focused on comparing you to yourself somewhat than to other people.

Step 3: Be kinder to other people.

In my experience, the best way you behave and take into consideration others seems to have a big effect on the way you behave and take into consideration yourself.

Judge and criticize people more often, and judge and criticize yourself more often (often almost robotically).

Be kinder to other people and help them, and you may turn into kinder and more helpful to yourself.

So concentrate on helping people and being nice.

Focus on the positive things about yourself and the people around you.

And appreciate what’s positive in yourself and in others.

This way you turn into more okay with yourself and the people in your world as a substitute of judging them and yourself in your mind.

You’re positive and so are they.

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