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The Three Essential Moves You Need To Start Strength Training for Gymnastics (and Life)

hfloating within the air, flipping the other way up and balancing on different limbs requires a mixture of strength and coordination. When you possibly can get these components to work together, you achieve control over your body and mind – and that is exactly what it’s worthwhile to start gymnastics.

But activation of those muscles doesn’t just occur without training. There are literally three moves Elizabeth Akinwalea licensed personal trainer with a background in competitive gymnastics, who’s leading this month’s Well+Good ReNew Year movement program, describes as “fundamental gymnastics positions”: arched body, hole body and straight body.

And while they’re an important a part of gymnastics, Akinwale also says, “They’re great places to start out any weight training program.”

All three moves involve full core engagement (including glutes and back), while counting on your arm and leg muscles for support. Akinwale demonstrates each in a latest video for Well+Good’s the appropriate way series.

Let’s start with an empty body. Lying in your back, you desire to rotate your core by tucking your tailbone in, tightening your chest, and pressing your lower back into the ground. You’ll then extend your legs and arms straight out without bending on the hips or shoulders, so you will have one long curve.

Once you might have the concavity, it would be best to get the convex. To perform the body arc, turn onto your stomach and stretch your arms out in front of you. Tensing your entire core again, lift your legs and arms off the ground (much like Superman).

“We consider pressing the extensors of the spine, back and glutes to lift the legs and arms, with none hinges or angles within the body,” says Akinwale. “Makes every part nice and smooth.”

Round the set, becoming a straight line. Still in your belly, you desire to push your hips into the ground while flexing your ribs.

“It’s going to be a subtle move, but it might be applied to anything that is in a straight position,” says Akinwale. Think: handstands, pull-ups or simply standing in on a regular basis life.

Are you able to fly through the air with the best ease? Okay, possibly not quite yet, but keep healing and growing and you will get there!

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