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Every thing it’s best to learn about renting your house as a movie set

It will not be the primary thought that involves mind, but you’ll be able to generate income by renting out your own home as a movie set. Location scouts search for all kinds of property and may pay as much as £2,500 a day for the usage of your house.

As a part of our deal with being profitable from home, we have rounded up tons of great ways to make money out of your humble home. From you rent your driveway To earn money from the shed, there are various ways to earn a bit more.

Here is a fast guide to renting a house as a movie set:

What is involved in renting a house as a movie set?

A movie camera in someone's house

Sometimes film and TV productions need to use an actual location as an alternative of constructing a set. This could also be since it is cheaper or they are only in search of a location that’s more authentic. No matter where you reside, whether it is a stately home or a dreary little studio (no offense for those who live in a single), there’s at all times potential for demand.

If your house is chosen, you should have a movie crew around your house for the agreed time. It could also be just sooner or later, or it could be longer.

Renting a house for a photograph shoot

A female photographer is photographing a little boy

There can be the choice of using the home for a photograph shoot, which is less invasive and may fetch several hundred kilos.

These kinds of photo shoots can take many forms, from a fashion show where your house/a part of a house is barely used as a backdrop, or at the same time as an interior design where your space is the essential event.

While photo shoots are standard with plenty of people and equipment, they sometimes last only a number of hours and leave fewer marks than their moving picture counterparts.

Not surprisingly, you receives a commission less for photo shoots than for filming, however it’s still decent money for just letting others into your space.

Is it for me?

Film crew on set at home

Having your house featured in a movie or TV show might sound like the proper, glamorous method to generate income. You could make some good money, and for those who stay around while filming, you’ll be able to meet interesting people – possibly even ensnare Hugh Grant as a husband! (Okay, possibly not…)

However, if your house is for use as a movie set, you’ll need a laid-back attitude.

  • Having a movie crew of 30 to 40 people lugging around with their equipment might be very tedious and even result in breakdowns!
  • Film crews should replace all the things they destroy, but when something has sentimental value, then fairly remove it. Plus, you would possibly discover something is broken weeks after the film crew left.
  • If the crew has to remain in your house for an prolonged time frame, you will have to maneuver out for some time. This is in fact very tedious and completely impractical if you have got a family.
  • Also consider whether you have got enough parking spaces nearby to accommodate the whole crew and whether your neighbors shall be comfortable with this arrangement. For example, night photos might be noisy at night, which can not impress the remainder of the road.

Oh, and remember that you will should pay tax on any income you get from renting your house this fashion. It’s like several other normal earner.


Quite rightly you’re probably wondering if this can affect your insurance. Here are some things to remember:

  • To begin with, it’s best to insist that the film company leave your property as you found it. This is definitely a regular disclaimer in location agreements, but just check before signing. Some film directors will paint entire rooms in your house a distinct color after which back in sooner or later, so be prepared for giant changes, albeit temporary!
  • Check in case your insurers will cover you for accidental damage to your property. The film company may have liability insurance as standard so that they will pay for damages, however it’s a superb idea to let your insurers know what is going on on before you have got to make a claim.

How to begin

Stylish living room

To start, it is best to register with an agency similar to

You can register your property on these sites and they’ll provide help to discover a job. To apply, you could provide photos to indicate the ambiance of your house.

You could also contact BBC localization department or yours local film commission on to ask in the event that they could be all in favour of your house.

If you reside in Scotland

You can contact Location Scotlandan organization that, amongst other things, explores Scottish locations.

Also try:

what locations managers are in search of

Luxurious penthouse

  • Most of the filming takes place in and around London, so the closer you’re to town, the more likely your property shall be used.
  • The more odd or individual your house is, the more likely you’re to be chosen for those who are further away from town.
  • However, not all TV shows and flicks are shot in London, so don’t surrender simply because you are not in London, for instance, BBC’s Doctor Who is usually filmed in Wales.
  • All kinds of homes are looked for filming. Houses with original period interiors might be very useful in a nostalgic period series or movie. Remember that nasty studio apartment we talked about earlier? (Sorry again!) Well, this may very well be great for a brutal police drama.
  • The key to your property’s success is that it should be a superb example of the kind of property it represents

how much are you able to earn by renting your own home as a movie set?

Woman holding cash

Top end

  • If you reside in a superb stately home, you’ll be able to make loads of money a day – as much as £2,500 for a movie crew.
  • For a mean home, the charge is normally around £1,000 a day, although it will be lower for a small home and better for a big home.
  • The kind of filming that takes place will obviously rule the worth. Filming a Hollywood blockbuster will bring greater than a low-budget movie.

lower end

  • In London, for instance, documentary filmmakers would pay around £500-750 a day.
  • For photo shoots, you’ll be able to expect to pay between £300 and £750 depending on the situation and the scale or quality of the house.


Don’t forget the potential costs.

  • While any damage ought to be covered, it’s possible that you just only discover something is broken a while after filming.
  • Even dearer, if filming lasts greater than a day, you might have to think about the fee of other accommodation.

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