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Deliver Us Mars trailer is a countdown to its February launch

Upcoming sci-fi game from developer KeokeN Interactive Save us, Mars will soon see the sunshine of day on February 2nd. To prepare players for this date, the developer has mainly prepared a cinematic trailer, which provides a small taste of the wonderful locations and narratives presented in Save us, Mars. Dubbed the ‘Countdown to Launch Trailer’, it features all of those images and drama in lower than a minute, together with a couple of small gameplay snippets.

For those that do not know Save us, Mars serves as a sequel to 2019 Give us the moon, set 10 years after the events of this game. Players assume the role of Kathy Johanson, an astronaut sent on a mission to recuperate the ARK ships on Mars. These colony ships contain technologies powerful enough to reverse the consequences of climate change, an especially urgent goal given the rapid deterioration of Earth’s atmosphere. However, as she embarks on this mission, Kathy must consider “the likelihood that her long-lost father, Isaac, should still be alive.”

Mars isn’t for the faint of heart

Gameplay Fri Save us, Mars sees players navigate the precarious landscapes of Mars through zero-gravity exploration. Climbing and jumping, players will encounter quite a few puzzles and physical trials that they’ll have to finish using “each brain and strength”. As players overcome these challenges and progress through the storyline, players will learn more in regards to the individuals who once inhabited the ARK.

Throughout the journey, players can enjoy a cinematic soundtrack by Sander Van Zanten together with the sport’s visuals powered by the Unreal Engine. New trailer for Save us, Mars shows some advanced motion capture and ray-traced shadows, but in fact gamers will have the option to understand them more when the title launches in over three weeks. The standard edition will cost $29.99, but those that want each the sport and the official soundtrack can buy the Deluxe Edition for $34.99.

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