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Recent Junker Queen and Kiriko bug in Overwatch 2 pulls them in several directions

Image via Activision Blizzard

Bugs and Overwatch 2 are almost synonymous at this point, two characters were detected within the last balance patch of January 2023. Junker Queen was the true winner of the January 2023 patch intended buffs bring her back to life. But what was probably not included Overwatch 2 and Blizzard’s radar was a potentially game-breaking bug that would have allowed Junker Queen to make use of her Carnage infinitely with no cooldowns. Meanwhile, those that are calling for a nerf to Kiriko will welcome the newest bug affecting her Quick Step ability.

Carnage Junker Queen is a big ax attack that deals loads of damage. This ability got an enormous buff this patch, reducing its cooldown by 2 seconds every time you land a kill with Carnage. This cooldown reduction works on any enemy you defeat, meaning you possibly can potentially don’t have any cooldown in any respect. Unfortunately, this buff was a bit too strong, and Scavenger Queen could cause cooldown reduction on destructible items.

Unlimited Slaughter

This includes balcony railings, stair railings, and even Mei’s Ice Wall. That’s right, mix the intelligent Ice Wall with Mei and the Junker Queen will give you the chance to kill without stopping. The actual practical application of that is questionable, but it surely’s not entirely out of the query that a fight could happen near an area with plenty of stuff to destroy. However, Kiriko’s Swift Step bug might be more influential.

Kiriko’s Quick Step is her mobility tool that enables her to teleport to an ally. During this teleport, Kiriko is purged of all negative effects, including any anti-healing effects or damage over time, reminiscent of Ashe’s dynamite. It was an ideal strategy to get back to safety and avoid Kiriko’s death. However, this bug causes Kiriko to not purify when teleporting. This is a rather more serious bug and greatly reduces Kiriko’s survivability.

let’s hope Overwatch 2 can solve Junker Queen bug and Kiriko bug soon. Until then, you’ll be able to take part in them Overwatch 2The Battle for Olympus event, which incorporates a latest free-for-all game mode and other collectibles that could be earned through the event.

Kiriko Overwatch2 support error

Image via Activision Blizzard

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