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WoW Dragonflight quest skip returns for fast alt professions

One useful WoW Dragonflight quest skip is back and may make the WoW Dragonflight leveling process in your alts a bit smoother. The omission that was available initially of Dragonflight allows players to more easily find out about professions of their alternate classes in Blizzard’s MMORPG. However, he temporarily disappeared from World of Warcraft, only to return now.

After your first character has accomplished the quests within the Artisan Consortium’s Dragon Islands branch, your other characters have been given the choice to skip the search altogether, telling Haephesta that you have already met Khadin. This will immediately mean you can bypass the questline and return the Dragon Shard of Knowledge, granting you a Profession Knowledge point in your chosen Profession.

As reported by wowhead, this skip disappeared from Dragonflight not long after launch, but now it’s back, meaning you should utilize it again. Unfortunately, you simply get a probability to do that once, and it comes fairly early – it becomes available should you’re a level 60 character with a skill of 1 in any gathering or crafting career within the Dragon Islands.

This signifies that should you’ve played any of your alts before, you might have already accomplished the primary quest, Craftsman’s Courier. If so, unfortunately you’ll not have the opportunity to skip the search and may have to finish your entire questline to show within the Dragon Shard of Knowledge. However, should you still have alts you should level out, this could make life a bit easier.

Our WoW Dragonflight tier list should assist you determine which classes to prioritize in the brand new expansion, and we have got all one of the best WoW add-ons to make your game as fun and functional as possible. If you are still debating whether or not to leap on the Dragon Islands, take a look at our WoW Dragonflight review and interview with WoW streamer Eiya to learn the way the most recent addition to World of Warcraft is changing things.

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